Video Call Settings

Within Healthie, the Account Settings section of an account enables account admins to customize both the provider and client experience within Healthie. 

Healthie makes it easy to offer virtual-first care services by supporting a number of ways to connect with clients virtually. Customize your video call settings to meet the workflow needs of your business. 

Access these settings via Settings > Calendar > Appointments > Video Call Settings

Default Video Call Setting

Video call options can be selected on a per-appointment basis. However, if you prefer, a single video call option can be listed as the default for your account. For example, if you prefer to use Zoom for video calls, set it as the default in your settings. When creating appointments, they will automatically be set to your default configuration. 

Select one of the following options as your default: 

Zoom Settings

Healthie integrates directly with Zoom Healthcare for HIPAA-compliant 1:1 or group video call sessions. This integration is automatically enabled for members on our Plus Plan and above

As Healthie supports a direct integration, providers cannot self-configure their Zoom settings within Zoom as they can for a personal Zoom account. Instead, enabling features can be done within Healthie. 

Currently, providers can self-enable Zoom Waiting Rooms

Additional Zoom settings can be requested for your account. Learn more here

External Link Settings

Indicate in your settings if you would like to use an External Video Call link for your virtual sessions. Examples of external links can include VSee, Doxy, and others). 

This setting is available for members on our Enterprise Plan. 

Use External Links for Video Calls 

Enable this setting to support an external video call link to be added to appointment types. When adding a new appointment within Healthie, a new field will show with the option to add the external link URL. Learn more here

Note: As the external video call link is hosted outside of Healthie, we cannot guarantee that the link used is HIPAA-compliant. Healthie's built-in video call option and integration with Zoom Healthcare are HIPAA-compliant. 

Set Default Video Call Links

Specific external video call URLs can be added to the account settings if preferred. This is useful if the SAME link is expected to be used for multiple video call sessions. Alternatively, this setting can be left off, and a unique external link can be manually entered into the session details at the time of creating the appointment. 

Organization URL

A default external link URL can be set for the organization. By default, any virtual appointment booked through Healthie will display the external link provided in the account settings. 

Provider URL 

Add a specific URL for team members (ie. a personal Zoom room if maintaining a personal Zoom account). When a video call session is booked with this provider, the default video call link will push to the unique link provided in the account settings. 

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