Using Documents on the Healthie mobile app

Designed to allow you to have access to your office, and work with clients on-the-go, Healthie's mobile app allows you to access your Documents library from your mobile app. From the app, providers have the same capabilities as from the web browser. Even more, your clients are able to access the resources shared with them from their Documents library on mobile as well, ensuring continuity of care. 


View and sort your Documents library on the mobile app

To access your Documents library, sign in to the Healthie mobile app 

  • Click the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) on the top left to display your menu 
  • Tap "Documents" in the menu 

From here, you'll see a list of all of the resources and folders that you have created.

Sort folders and resources:

Quickly find a resource by using the "Sort" option on the top right of your Documents library. Clicking the sort button allows you to: 

  • Use the search bar to type in a resource name 
  • Tap the "Name" button to arrange resources alphabetically (this is displayed by default) 
  • Tap the "Last Uploaded" button to arrange resources by date of upload (newest showing at the top) 

Add a new folder or new resource on mobile

To add a new folder or resource: 

  • Tap the add button ( + ) on the top-right while in the Documents library 
  • From the menu, select "Folder" or "Document" 

Tapping "Folder" will prompt you to enter a name and click "Save." You can later rename or move your folder to better organize your library (see how below). 

Tapping "Document" will give you options for finding and uploading your new resource: 

  • Take a photo with your phone camera and instantly add it to your Documents library 
  • Search your photo library for images stored on your phone, or in your cloud 
  • Browse through files on your phone which will allow you to upload supported files including word docs, PDFs, and .mp4 files.  

Just as with folders, after you upload your new resource, you'll be able to move it, share it, rename it, and take some additional actions (browse the rest of this article to learn more).

How to share a document or a folder with clients

You can easily share a resource or folder with a client(s) and even have certain resources automatically share with client(s). 

To share a resource or folder:

  • Tap the "Actions" icon (three dots) next to the folder or resource you would like to share  
  • Tap "Share" and select the client(s) or client group(s) that you would like to make this resource available to 
  • Tap the blue "Save" button

There are multiple automatic sharing features available: 

  1. Share with all active clients: this will allow you to make your resource available to anyone who is an active client (archived clients will not receive). Check the box next to "Share with all active clients" and use the x next to a client (or group) name to remove them from the list. Click "Save" 
  2. Share with all new clients when they join: every new client moving forward that is added to Healthie will automatically have access to this resource through their Healthie Client Portal. Check "Share with all new clients when they join" and click the "Save" button. 
  3. Share with all organization members: make this resource available to all providers in your organization. 

Learn how to unshare a document with a client here

Note: when you share a resource with a client, they will automatically receive an email notification that a new resource is available to them. 

Additional actions for a document/resource

Share: you can share a resource or folder with a client, group of clients, and/or other members of your organization. 

Rename: change the name of your resource. Clients will be able to see the name of your document, so we recommend using a name that is relevant to the resource (ie. Tips for Managing Diabetes) 

Move: rearrange your documents and organize them into folders so that you can easily find and share resources. 

Add Note: create an internal note for your resource, such as what information is contained, or how other members of your organization can utilize this resource with clients. Clients will not see notes. 

Convert to Private Document: remove your resource from your general Documents library, and instead add it to a client's chart as a private document. Clients will not see private documents. For example, if you've created a personalized meal plan for a client, or have a resource that contains private health information for a client -- prevent this document from being shared with other clients or organization members by converting it to a private document. 

Delete: permanently delete a resource from your library. 

Download: this will allow the document/resource to be downloaded to the device that you are utilizing. This capability is also available for clients, who may want to download a resource that you've shared with them. 

Documents within your client's profile (on mobile)

Within your client's profile, practitioners are able to:

  • View documents that you have shared with a specific client (ie. resources from your Documents library) 
  • Upload private documents to a client profile (ie. assessments from other practitioners) 
  • View documents that your client has uploaded and shared with you 

"Client Documents" structure on mobile (Clients > Select Client > Documents). Both private and shared documents for a client are consolidated into a single screen, with clear indicators as to what the status of the document is.

  • Green eye icon = document visible to your client 
  • Crossed out red eye icon = document not visible to your client 
  • Lock icon = documents that are private to the client, and cannot be shared with other clients/organization members. This feature protects sensitive documents (ie. those containing private health information) to ensure they are not shared elsewhere. 

Clicking the actions tab (three dots) next to your document or folder will show actions you can take, including: 

  • Open a folder or open to view a document/resource
  • Share a folder or resource (if not locked) 
  • Move a folder or resource
  • Rename 
  • Delete 
  • Include in client's chart
  • Add a note (for internal team to review) 

Documents from the Healthie Mobile App on iPad 

Similarly to the mobile app for smartphones, Healthie's mobile app can also be downloaded for iPad. The Documents feature works similarly. 

To add a document from the mobile app on iPad: Tap (+) on the top right and select Folder or Document  

If uploading a document, you'll have the option to choose to take a photo, upload a photo from your photo library, or browse your ipad to upload a resource. 

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