Mixpanel and Healthie

As part of our full web white-label, Healthie can connect with your Mixpanel account to help you run analytics on actions taken by providers and clients within your platform. 

Note: We can enable the Mixpanel Integration only after your full web white-label has otherwise been completed (including updating DNS records). 

Overview of Mixpanel

Mixpanel allows you to analyze how users interact with your product. It’s designed to make teams more efficient by allowing everyone to analyze user data in real-time to identify trends, understand user behavior, and make decisions about your product. 

You can find more detailed information on Mixpanel here. Healthie is not affiliated with Mixpanel, and Mixpanel is a third-party software company. Healthie does not cover the cost of third party software tools like Mixpanel. We recommend reaching out to them directly to understand their pricing. 

Set Up

To connect your Mixpanel account with Healthie, please Contact Us and send:

1. Your Project Token

2. The login e-mail that you use for your active Mixpanel account.

An integration can only be set up with one project.

Examples of using Mixpanel with Healthie

If you connect Healthie with your Mixpanel account, there are limitless possibilities in tracking key client and provider events. These actions may include: 

  • Number of logins into the mobile app (requires mobile white-label)
  • Number of journal entry creations (with distinction of whether entry was created on mobile or web platform)
  • Number of chat messages created and total number of messages sent by a client 
  • The navigation of a client through the web platform or mobile app 
  • ...and more

This information can provide you with detailed insights as to how your clients use the platform, the most important features for your clients and how your providers use the platform. This allows you to leverage analytics to make business and operational decisions.

These are an example of questions that Mixpanel can help you answer:

  • What actions are my clients most commonly taking on the platform? Are there features that my clients are not utilizing, that they should be?
  • How often are my clients using chat? Do I need to assign more resources on my team to ensure that Chat conversations are being responded to in a timely manner? 
  • Are my clients using the Food journal or Notes feature as frequently as I'd like them to in their program, and if not, does my team need to showcase these features more during 1x1 sessions? 
  • Are clients using Programs heavily, and if so, do I have confidence that creating more Programs will increase engagement (and revenue)? 

Events & Profile Properties

There are default events and properties that are automatically tracked through Mixpanel. Examples include name, address, city, device, and more. You can find a detailed breakdown of these events and properties from Mixpanel

In addition, there are hundreds of additional events that Healthie tracks through Mixpanel, and would be available to you through our integration.  

Using Healthie Reports alongside Mixpanel

Healthie's Reports enable you to pull details on utilization within the platform, from both providers and clients. Organizations use Mixpanel on top of Healthie for an even deeper look at provider and client activities. 

As on example, Mixpanel enables you to pull activity numbers for *specific activities and actions* being taken on the platform, for example if: 

  • You would like to track visits to your Healthie Packages embed
  • You would like to track the visits to your client portal page

FAQs: Using Healthie and Mixpanel

Will Mixpanel show historical data prior to Healthie integration? 

No, previous data will not show up in Mixpanel, before set up is complete. 

Will activity on my white-labeled mobile app show up in Mixpanel? 

Yes, it is possible to activities from the mobile app to show up in Mixpanel. If you would like this to be enabled for your mobile white-label app, please Contact Us.

Can Mixpanel be used with sub-organizations? 

Yes, Mixpanel tracking will flow down to any sub-organizations from the Parent account. 

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