Using Healthie with third party calendar tools

Healthie's calendar was designed specifically to meet the needs of health and wellness organizations of all sizes. 

Healthie's Calendar gives you the power to set your weekly and ad-hoc availability, configure over 35 settings, embed Healthie onto your website, and sync the calendar with other calendars you use in your life, including iCal, Google, and Outlook

Once you set your availability, you are also able to generate sharable URL links to add Healthie into your social media accounts, newsletter lists, or directly with a specific client.

Most providers and organizations use Healthie as their central calendaring tool. However, there may be instances in which you need to use Healthie's calendar alongside other calendaring tools, including MindBody, Athena Health, Acuity, and Calendly, for example to:

  • Coordinate with other providers who chart in another system
  • Continue working with legacy software alongside Healthie

In these instances, we recommend leveraging the mutual integrations of iCal, Google, and Outlook to ensure that your Healthie calendar and other calendar is blocked off based on actual availability. With these external syncs, if you have appointments from another tool pulled into Healthie (e.g., via our Google Calendar Sync), the appointment will show up on your Healthie calendar. However, notifications for these sessions will not occur via Healthie (e.g., confirmation and reminder SMS and e-mail messages, intake flows sent out), nor will these sessions show up on your appointments report, because this information is held outside of Healthie. 

If you are using our Athena Health integration, and are interested in connecting calendars, please Contact us ( as we can help you set up the two calendars with automations to save you time. 

Note: Beyond the above-mention calendar integrations, Healthie does not integrate with additional calendar tools at this time (ie. Calendly). If you'd like to request an integration, please vote for (or add) your request on our Integrations Feature Upvote page. 

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