Incorporate Metrics into Intake Forms & Chart Notes

Healthie enables you and your clients to smartly enter standard and Standard and Custom Metrics into the portal, and also enables you the ability to view these over time in graph format. 

As an additional automation/benefit of leveraging an all-in-one portal, you can set up metrics to be included as part of client intake forms and charting templates, leveraging our smart fields capability to enable metrics to populate in relevant places throughout the platform. 

Moreover, Metrics entered as part of an intake form or charting template, by either the provider or client, will automatically populate on the metrics graph.


Add Metrics to Intake and/or Charting Forms

Step 1: Ensure that you have added the Custom Metrics that you'd like tracked within Intake & Charting (or leverage Healthie's default metrics located in Form Builder) 

Step 2: Add the metric(s) to your intake or charting template by going into Forms > Open your form (or create a new form

Step 3: Select the Question Bank Category from "Default" to "Client Info", where you should see the metric(s) listed. 

Step 4: Click and drag over the metric(s) boxes into your Intake or Charting template. Your template will be updated to reflect the addition of your metric. 

Experience with Metrics

When you or a client fills out the metrics section, the value will automatically populate onto a graph visible in the Client's Metrics tab. You can view this by navigating to a Client's Profile > Metrics

When filling out the metrics field inside of your charting template, it will populate into the Metrics graph. 

If you have enabled the setting "separate provider-entered metrics from client-entered metrics" these will be visually distinguished on the graph that you see. Here are instructions on how you can set this up:  Entries settings: global, group, and client

Add an Image of a Metrics Graph to a Chart Note

To add one of the metric's graphs to your chart note, you would need to take a screenshot of the graph under Metrics and then upload it as an image.

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