Set Up Your Healthie Account to Take Insurance

Having an EHR and telehealth platform that also integrates with insurance billing features reduces billing errors, ensures high reimbursement, and streamlines the overall insurance billing workflow within your practice. Healthie has a variety of insurance billing features within the platform to support you as you begin to accept insurance at your practice. Insurance-based providers use Healthie to:

  • Collect insurance information during the client onboarding period
  • Chart on clients during in-person and virtual appointments
  • Generate both CMS-1500 claims and Superbills by automatically pulling client information from their profile
  • Submit and track claims using our Office Ally integration
  • And more

Leverage this checklist to be sure your account is properly set up to support you as you begin to accept insurance within your practice. 


Review Insurance Settings for your Account

Healthie is designed to be highly customizable, with dozens of settings that can be managed for your account, including insurance preferences

Settings (gear icon top-right) > Insurance

Enable or disable key insurance settings for your account, including: 

Note: if you disable insurance settings AFTER creating a claim or Superbill, no client data will be lost. You'll have the ability to enable these settings once again, and can review past created forms. 

You'll also have the option to add " Accepted Policies" to your settings. When creating an insurance claim, when selecting the client's insurance from the drop-down list, at the top, you'll see the payers that you're currently in network with and have added to your "Accepted Policies" list 

Additionally, you can add and manage Billing Providers for your account. 

Collect photo ID and Insurance information in your intake paperwork

To ensure that you collect insurance information from all of your new clients, include an insurance information form within your Healthie intake flow. Healthie has an insurance information form pre-loaded into your library, that you can easily add to your intake flow. When clients sign into Healthie to complete their intake forms, they will be prompted to enter their insurance information, including: name of insurance plan, type (primary or secondary), relationship to policyholder, member and group ID, and photos of their insurance card. 

Healthie also has a form template to collect photos of your client’s photo ID. Learn how to add both of these forms to your intake flow here

Set up your Office Ally integration

Healthie's sync with Office Ally enables you to electronically submit CMS-1500 claims from Healthie to Office Ally. This eliminates the need to manually export claims from Healthie and upload them to Office Ally. Moreover, claim statuses will automatically update within your Healthie account as information is received from Office Ally, for a seamless and automated tracking process. 

If you use Office Ally to submit claims to insurance companies, you can enable an auto-claim submission from Healthie into Office Ally, and enable claim statuses to be updated automatically. Learn more about how to set up your Office Ally workflow here.  

Add your Biller to the Platform

With a group practice membership within Healthie, you have the ability to add your biller as an organization member. Your biller will have assistant level access to Healthie, meaning they can message clients, schedule appointments, and complete billing workflows, but not be assigned to specific clients as a provider. 

To add a support role to your organization within Healthie, navigate to Settings > Organization > Organization Info > Manage Memberships. You can then add in the Member’s Name, email address, and designate that they are in a support role. When you add a member to your organization, they will receive an email indicating that they've been added to your organization. They will then be able to click on a unique link, that will enable them to set up a password, and access their account, based on the permissions you have established on their behalf. Immediately, you'll be able to share documents and resources, intake forms and other resources, and message with them within the platform.

Read more about adding a member to your organization here, and read our biller implementation guide here

Use Healthie’s Insurance Eligibility Tracker

Healthie's Insurance Eligibility Tracker is a setting that enables you to keep track of critical insurance information related to a particular client's insurance coverage. This can be useful in understanding how many visits are approved for reimbursement, and how many have been utilized during a specific time period, to help manage and predict likelihood of insurance coverage for a particular client. Additionally you can keep track of a required referral, and indicate that a referral has been obtained for a client. 

For additional automation of workflow, the Insurance Eligibility Tracker is connected to Healthie's Calendar, and the number of visits used and number of visits remaining will automatically update based on a client's scheduled and occurred appointments. 

The Insurance Authorization Tracker is also connected to Healthie Reporting. Utilize this powerful report to keep track of clients who have exhausted their insurance benefits, and moreover, identify those who still have covered benefits for the year. 

Create a Client Group for Insurance Clients

Healthie enables you to organize your clients into groups, with smart workflows to move clients between groups as needed. Creating a group for your insurance clients can help you streamline all of your other workflows within Healthie, including intake flows, appointment types, and scheduling. You can read our best practices for onboarding insurance clients here

Create a Package for Insurance Clients

As a provider, it may make sense for you to leverage Healthie’s Packages feature to streamline your scheduling workflows. However, if you take insurance within your practice, you likely do not want to charge clients for any packages they purchase until you have verified their insurance coverage for your services. With Healthie, you can easily create packages that don’t charge clients right away, or charge them at all. 

  1. Do not charge clients right away: When building your package, you should see an option to “Charge Immediately” so that your client pays for the package right away. In order to wait to charge clients in case of insurance reimbursement, de-select this option so that clients can pay at a later date, if at all. Read more here
  2. Create a free package: You can easily set the package price to be $0 for clients to purchase. In this case, you will not be able to charge the clients for the package at a later date, using the Packages feature. If you do end up needing to charge the client, you can send them an invoice and charge their card manually. 
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