Zoom: Change Display Name

Healthie's direct integration with HIPAA-compliant Zoom comes with several features and capabilities designed to create engaging video calls and webinars. Some of these features are automatically included within Healthie's direct integration with Zoom, others can be enabled for your account on request. You can review Zoom capabilities that are available (or not available) via Healthie here

Our integration with Zoom is available to all members on Plus Plan and above. By default this integration is active for your account (view your integrations). You do not need a personal Zoom account or subscription, and you do not need to take any action to enable Zoom.

Change Name in Healthie

By default, the name that displays in Zoom will be tied to the Name on your account. Settings > Account > Name 

If you are part of an organization and need to change your name, please have the admin on your account update your name within your member settings.

Change Display Name During Zoom Meeting 

If you do not wish to change the name associated with your account, you can manually change your display name during the Zoom meeting. 

Click Participants and Select yourself 

Select More and click Rename 

Click Rename to Save 

This will likely need to be done each time a new Zoom session is started, unless you update the name associated with your Healthie account.

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