Zoom: Create and Host a Webinar with Healthie

Healthie's direct integration with HIPAA-compliant Zoom comes with several features and capabilities designed to create engaging video calls and webinars. Some of these features are automatically included within Healthie's direct integration with Zoom, others can be enabled for your account on request. You can review Zoom capabilities that are available (or not available) via Healthie here

Our integration with Zoom is available to all members on Plus Plan and above. By default this integration is active for your account (view your integrations). You do not need a personal Zoom account or subscription, and you do not need to take any action to enable Zoom.

In this article, we review how to add a webinar to your Healthie calendar, how to market/enroll clients, and tips for hosting. 

Note: When we refer to hosting a webinar with Healthie, we are not referring to the Zoom Webinar feature/product.

Step 1. Create a Group Video Call 

The first step in creating your webinar is to create a new appointment type for webinars. This can be done by navigating to Settings (gear icon) > Appointment Types > Add New Type 

Complete the details for your "Webinar" appointment type. A few important things to note: 

  • Clients will see the name of your appointment type, so keep this in mind 
  • Deselect all other contact types (phone, and in-person) to keep video call as the only contact type 
  • Check the box "Clients can book" to allow clients to self-enroll 
  • Check the box "Group Appointment" to allow more than one client to enroll
  • If you plan to limit the number of participants, you also have the option of enabling Healthie's waitlist setting
  • You can also schedule specific forms to send at the time of participant booking, or after the webinar has occurred. This can be beneficial if you'd like to collect specific data or feedback from webinar participants. 

Step 2. Add a Group Video Call to Your Calendar 

In order for participants to sign up for your video call, it must be added to your Healthie calendar as a group appointment. Navigate to your calendar > Add Appointment 

Things to note when adding your video call to your calendar: 

  • New appointments default to "individual" so you must toggle over to the "Group" option
  • There is a 100 person maximum on all group calls and webinars (email hello@gethealthie.com if you need a higher group participant capacity) 
  • Select your webinar from the "Appointment Type" drop-down 
  • You can enroll any individual clients, a group of clients, or other team members manually if you wish. If you are adding other team members, make sure you are creating the appointment under the Organization tab.
  • If your webinar is part of a series, you can create it as a recurring appointment 
  • Group appointments within Healthie are *automatically* created as a Zoom appointment 

To view the details of the Zoom group appointment or webinar you just created, click on the appointment scheduled. You will see "Click to Join" to click to start your webinar. The "Client Video Link" is a link you can share directly with your clients to access the webinar. If the client registers for the webinar they will receive the zoom link in their confirmation and appointment reminder emails.

Note: In the event that you are using group webinars as a marketing feature, as many do, you should note that a participant can join a Zoom link regardless of whether or not they are a Healthie client.

As part of preserving HIPAA-compliance with your Zoom meetings, each meeting will generate it's own unique ID, and it is not possible to maintain a standard room ID with Zoom via Healthie. 

If you have a recurring / repeating appointment via Zoom, for example a weekly webinar series, the same Zoom link can be used by your client to join each time in that series of appointment sessions. 

Step 3. Enroll Participants into a Group Appointment 

There are a few ways to market your webinar and enroll participants. The approach you take depends on your goals for the session, and how much client information you'd like to capture. 

Option 1: Manually enroll participants 

You can add individual clients, groups of clients, or other team members by locating the webinar on your calendar > Edit > searching for your contacts. 

Option 2: Share your video link directly with contacts

If you'd like to share the Zoom link directly, and not capture any client information, or have a Healthie account created for participants, then you can share the direct "Client Link" from the webinar details. 

Option 3: Share your calendar link with contacts 

Alternatively, you can share your calendar URL with existing or prospective clients. Your calendar link can be shared on your website, social media pages, in emails, and other marketing assets. When clients click your calendar link, they'll located your webinar appointment type. From here they'll be prompted to book a date/time (only one date will appear if this is a one-time webinar) and complete their information. A Healthie account will automatically be generated for any new clients. 

For existing clients, they will be able to book to join the webinar through their Healthie client portal. Consider sending a message or message blast to existing clients, prompting them to sign up for your webinar.

Option 4: Add your webinar to a client package 

The first way to add participants to a webinar, is to allow them to self-enroll through a client package. This approach works for both webinars for a fee, and also free webinar. To make a webinar package free, simply indicate "0" in the pricing details. You can either add your webinar into an existing package, along with other services that you offer OR you can create a new stand-alone package containing only your webinar. 

To get started, navigate to Billing > Client Packages > New Package > Complete package details 

Things to note when creating a package for a webinar: 

  • Indicate your package as "visible" to clients if you'd like existing Healthie clients to self-discover your webinar from their Healthie Client Portal 
  • If this package is for a stand-alone / one-time webinar, you may want to consider putting the webinar date & time in the package description, along with any other relevant details 
  • You have the option to associate your package with a group (ie. Webinar Group) -- review the setting options for your package to determine how you'd like new and/or existing clients to be handled 
  • Under "Included Items" > Appointments > Locate your appointment type (ie. Healthy Eating Webinar) and indicate how many sessions you'd like to give your client credits for. If your webinar is part of a recurring series for example, then you would want to adjust the "included sessions" accordingly. 
  • Ensure that the setting "Require appointment booking during package purchase is selected and that the Appointment type is bookable> this will prompt clients to actively enroll into the webinar date/time on your calendar while. If your webinar is recurring, or part of a multi-webinar series, participants will only be prompted to book/join ONE webinar session as they check out. 

Now that you've created your package, you can SHARE your package with existing clients or prospects. This can be done by copying the embed code or sharing URL for the package. Package > Share

Embed codes allow you to add your package directly to your website. 

Sharing links allow you to link your package to a website button, or include it in emails to clients, newsletters, social media buttons, and more. Learn more about embed codes & sharing links here

Below you'll see the client experience when "purchasing" a package through an embed code or sharing link. Clients will see the webinar listed as an included "appointment session." 

After purchasing this package: 

  • Clients will automatically receive their appointment confirmation and appointment reminders as per your notification settings
  • New clients will automatically have an account created for them within Healthie 
  • New clients, or clients changing groups, will receive an email notification asking them to complete their forms (if you've associated an intake flow with this group or scheduled forms to send for this appointment type.

Want to review the workflows surrounding your webinar, and client enrollment? Request a 1:1 call with our customer success team by emailing hello@gethealthie.com 

Step 4. Join or Host a Webinar 

In order to join the webinar as a host, you must log into your Healthie Provider account, either from the web browser or the Healthie Mobile app. While you can host webinars from your phone, specific zoom features, like screen-sharing, will not be available. 

Through Healthie's integration with Zoom, you aren't able to add other panelists to the Zoom invitation, but you can set a co-host. We recommend that you send the " Client Link" to the contact that you'd like to co-host for them to join the call directly. Once they've joined, as the meeting host you'll be able to change their status from participant to host. Learn more about adding co-hosts and panelists

Note: Sharing to Facebook live is not possible with Healthie's Zoom integration. 

Launch a webinar from the web browser  

If you scheduled an webinar within Healthie, a blue banner will appear at the top of your screen, and your client's screen, 10 minutes before the webinar begins. Simply click on the launch banner, and both of you will be taken to the webinar. 

Another way for you to enter a video call session as a host is through the Calendar tab, clicking the details of the appointment and selecting "Click to Join Zoom Meeting" (do not use the client join link) 

Launch a webinar from the Healthie mobile app

To launch a webinar from the app, log in and click the calendar icon "Sessions" at the bottom of your screen. Find the appointment on your calendar. Tap the appointment, and you'll now see a blue link to "Join Healthie Video Call." From the mobile app you'll also be able to see which clients are registered to attend. 

Note: Providers and clients do not need to have an individual Zoom account to launch the webinar, but the Zoom app MUST be downloaded on their mobile device. Joining the webinar via Healthie will automatically prompt the Zoom app to open, and the webinar session will start right away (once the host has joined). 

Clients are also able to join from the mobile app by logging into the app > Sessions > tapping the webinar session. They'll see a "Join Healthie Video Call" link that will prompt Zoom to open. 

Additional Resources

You'll find additional articles below that will help you make the most of Healthie's Zoom Webinars feature. 

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