Collecting Payment for a Couples or Family Session

Healthie offers a direct integration with Stripe that allows payment processing to happen directly within the platform. Client payment details can be stored within their client profiles, and payments can be processed directly. Funds received from client payments are transferred directly to the bank account linked with your Healthie provider account. Additionally, Healthie supports the creation of Superbills and CMS 1500 claims for clients using insurance benefits to pay for services. 

There are a few ways that you can collect payment for a family session.  

Charging a Client Account Within Healthie

1. Designate one family member as responsible for client payments 

2. Add a payment card to their account (send billing form or manually add card) 

3. Invoice the client, manually charge them for a service, or send them a link to a client package for purchase

Client Packages for Family Services 

Within Healthie, you can create a client package for your couples session or family session. This will allow clients to self-purchase your package either through Healthie, or through the package link. Many providers choose to add a link to their package on their website for client's to purchase. 

Send an Invoice for a Non-Client to Pay

If the financial party is not an active client that you are working with, and thus does not have a client account, you can still send them an invoice to pay for the session. 

Follow the steps outlined here to submit an invoice to a contact outside of Healthie. Some additional recommendations: 

  • You may want to select "Other Products/Services" if you did not create a client package for your family services. In the notes you can clarify what the services included. 
  • Add an email address for the contact in order for them to electronically receive and pay the invoice 
  • Alternatively, you can print the invoice and accept payment outside of Healthie (ie. via check). Learn how to mark an outside payment
  • Be sure to SHARE the invoice after completing it, if you'd like the electronic request to send to the recipient's email address (creating the invoice does not automatically send notice to the recipient, you must take the extra step in Healthie to email the invoice.  
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