Organizations: Sharing Custom Metrics

Healthie offers you the ability to customize over 40 permissions and settings for each member of your team (including Support accounts). In this article we run through each permission, and best practices on incorporating this into your team's workflow. 

In addition to the default metrics included within the Healthie platform, you can add your own custom metrics that you would like to track for any or all of your clients. These metrics can be added to intake forms or charting templates, to streamline the process of collecting metric information from clients. Metrics are considered Smart Fields, and will automatically pull from an intake form or charting note, and populate within the Client's Profile. Healthie also offers advanced reporting that allows organizations/providers to pull detailed data on captured metrics, via our Metrics Report

Learn more about how to connect metrics to charting or intake forms

Sharing Custom Metrics 

If you'd like custom metrics from team member(s) to display in Form Builder, and be available to other organization members, admins can adjust the team member(s) settings to enable the setting "Shares Custom Metrics with the Entire Organization." 

Enable Wearable Fitness Devices & Health Trackers 

There are several fitness and health devices that can be enabled for your organization. Once turned on for your account, providers can enable specific clients (or groups of clients) to have the option to sync their device. 

These integrations include smart scales, blood pressure devices, and blood glucose monitors. Learn more about Healthie's integrations here

Does your organization need help adding your custom metrics? 

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