Cover Letter for E-Fax

Healthie automatically attaches a Cover Letter to all e-faxes sent through the platform. This is useful for:

  • Sharing your contact information, so recipients quickly know who a fax is from 
  • Providing summary notes about a client encounter

How to set up and edit your fax cover letter

When you send a fax (Learn More), the Healthie system will prompt you to fill in information that will generate your cover letter. Information will pre-fill if you have previously entered it in the system. You will be able to add / edit the following fields:

  • Subject line
  • Remarks
  • To (Recipient's Name / Fax Number / Company)

Your information will also populate on the fax cover page, including: 

  • Your Company Information (Name / E-mail / Phone Number / Address)
  • Logo, if uploaded within the Healthie platform 
  • Fax number

Sample E-fax Cover Letter