Best Practices: Leverage E-faxing to grow your business

Faxing with other healthcare providers can be a powerful way to build referral partnerships - this could be with local physicians, therapists, fitness centers, and other nutritionists. Here are some best practices we have seen, when it comes to using e-faxing to build business and drive growth. 

E-fax Chart Notes to other healthcare providers after a session 

  • Nurture relationships with referral partners and maintain good communication. Not only is this best practice when it comes to providing the best possible care for your clients, but referral partners will appreciate your close communication and follow-up reports.
  • This extends to chart notes, lab reports, and other documents in a client's file. 
  • We recommend: E-fax chart notes within 48 hours of a client session

Publish your E-fax number, so that it is easy to find 

  • Include your e-fax number on business cards and other promotional materials for your business
  • List your e-fax line on your website, so it's easy for others to locate