Using Healthie with non-English speakers

Healthie is used in over 25 countries today, including in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Healthie is HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and PCI-compliant and maintains international top-level security standards. 

Additionally, for non-English speaking clients, the platform facilitates international language and communication, as well as secure credit card payment processing in over 180 countries. 

Features of Healthie's platform can be customized for use outside of North America. Moreover, the platform is largely icon-based, making it easy for clients to navigate. 


Payment processing to collect payments

  • Healthie's built-in payment processor leverages Stripe, which makes it possible to collect credit and debit card payments from over 180 countries
  • Moreover, you are able to add a bank account from any country that Stripe supports.
  • If you'd like assistance setting up your bank account and packages to reflect your local currency (e.g., USD --> GBP), e-mail us:

Client-facing E-mails, Forms, and Documents

  • Build your intake forms and charting templates for clients to complete and e-sign online in your native language > Healthie's form builder will pick up on the keyboard language you are inputting questions into (including Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, and more) 
  • Customize your E-mails sent to clients (Welcome, Appointment Confirmation, Appointment Reminder) in the language of your choice 
  • Build your client packages in your language of preference
  • Upload documents (including PDFs, .docs, .xls, etc) that you have built

Live Client interaction

Metrics system

  • Healthie's metrics can be displayed and calculated using the international metrics system (e.g., kg / cm vs lb / inches)
  • If you'd like to adjust your metrics to reflect International Metrics, e-mail 

Browser Translation Programs

Many browser translation programs works really well with Healthie. Click here for one example


  • If you are interested in a full-translation of Healthie for your organization's use, e-mail
  • If you would like to add an international phone number, use the following format:
    • Country Code + Phone Number
    • For example, for a UK number (Country Code +44), an acceptable format would be: +44-7777777777
    • Please do not add any "0"s at the beginning
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