Using Programs to send a recurring survey or form

Many providers will use Healthie's Programs feature as a way to collect a regular, ongoing survey from clients. 

This is distinct, from using Healthie's Intake forms or Request Form Completion, because it's a form that may not be needed during the time of an initial assessment, and you may want to automate the ability to have this form sent out to clients, versus a one-time form request. 

Through Programs, you can set up a regular (e.g., weekly) cadence in which enrolled clients will receive an intake form / survey periodically. You can decide whether the intake form is identical each week, or if it changes slightly with each passing survey.

To set up your recurring form using Healthie Programs:

  • Create a Program (e.g., Weekly Engagement Survey)
  • Add a Form for each week that you'd like clients to complete a form (E.g., Day 0, Day 7, Day 14)
  • If you would like clients to fill out the *same* form each week, you will need to create copies of this form within Form Builder > Form > Duplicate

Additional Resources

Sign up for our Deep Dive Program Webinar to learn more on how to create a program and how to advertise your program to your clients -- Deep Dive Program Webinar

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