Onboard Clients Paying with Insurance

Healthie makes it simple for practitioners to onboard and work with insurance-based clients. This article walks through how to set up your Healthie account to prepare for insurance clients, how to manage these clients, and ways to onboard new insurance clients. 

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1. Create a new group for insurance clients 

Healthie enables you to organize your clients into groups, with smart workflows to move clients between groups as needed. If you work with self-pay and insurance based clients, you may want to have a different onboarding flow (ie. intake paperwork), however this is completely optional.

If you do want to have a separate flow for insurance-based clients, we recommend creating a new client group. Navigate to the Clients Tab > Client Groups > Create Group

Tip: We suggest naming your group something obvious, like "Insurance Clients," as clients will not see what group they are in. 

2. Create an "Intake Flow" for your insurance clients 

An intake flow is a series of forms that new clients will be asked to complete and/or sign electronically via Healthie. Forms can be completed from both the web browser, or from a mobile device. 

As a provider, you can receive a notification when your client has started your intake process and/or completed your intake process. Enable these settings here

Additionally, you can review your client's intake forms at any time by going to their Client Profile > Charting > Intake Forms. You'll be able to view forms that have been completed, are in-progress, or have not yet been started. 

To create a new intake flow, go to Forms > Intake Flows > Create Intake Flow

Give your intake flow a name, such as"Insurance Flow." Be sure to associate your Insurance Flow with your Insurance Clients group. 

From here, you'll be able to add forms from Healthie's Forms Library or add your own custom built forms. In order to collect insurance card details from your clients, you'll have to include Healthie's "Insurance Billing" Form. This will prompt your client to put in their insurance details as well as a copy of their card. 

Add Form > Insurance Billing Form 

You can walk through building an Insurance Flow in more detail here

3. Create an initial appointment for insurance-based clients 

If you work with both insurance and self-pay clients, we recommend that you set up two different initial consultations. 

Calendar > More > Appointment Types > Add New 

Give your appointment a name. Commonly used is "Initial Consultation - Insurance" as clients WILL see the name of the appointment. Be sure to associate your appointment with the "Insurance Clients" group you created. Additionally, make sure the option "Client Can Book" is selected, which will allow new clients to view and book this appointment.  

You can also set the length of time for your session, as well as the contact types that indicate how the session can be conducted (phone, video call, or in-person). If you have multiple options checked-off, your client will be able to select their preferred way of connecting. 

You can edit your appointment at any time by clicking the actions tab (three dots) to the right of the group. 

4. Share your calendar link with insurance clients

You can obtain a link to your calendar by navigating to Calendar > Share Calendar > Copy 

Your unique calendar link can be used in multiple ways:

  • In a "Book Now" button on your website or emails 
  • Sent directly in a message or email to a client 
  • Added to your email signature 

When a client clicks this link, they will see the available appointments you offer, and can select the "Initial Consultation - Insurance" to go through the motions of online booking. When a new client books an appointment, you'll receive a notification. 

Here's what happens for your client experience: 

  • Healthie will automatically collect basic information from your client, and create a Healthie client account for them upon booking. Your client will automatically get assigned to your "Insurance Clients" group. 
  • Your new client receives an appointment confirmation email (you can edit this message, learn how) & a button within this email will prompt them to set up their Healthie account by creating a password and logging in. 
  • Upon logging into Healthie from a web browser or the Healthie mobile app, your client will see a welcome message and a prompt to get started by completing their forms. These forms are the ones that you've added to your Intake Flow. 

Next Steps

Make the most of Healthie. Join our series of Live Classes offered each week for ongoing training and support. Through these training classes, you'll learn how to create custom forms for insurance clients, build your own charting templates, create and manage CMS 1500 claims, integrate your Healthie account with Office Ally, and much more. 

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