Living Plate Rx Prime and Healthie (Beta)

Healthie has partnered with Living Plate Rx Prime to enable mutual members to:

  • Distribute and sell Living Plate Rx Meal Plans directly within the Healthie platform
  • Deliver Living Plate Rx Programs to your clients directly within your Healthie account 

In addition to saving you time on set up, this integration provides a seamless, one-stop shop experience for your clients. 

If you are a member of Healthie & Living Plate Rx and would like to participate in our Beta, please e-mail us: with the subject "Living Plate"


Benefits of Using Both Platforms in Your Business

  • Deliver a seamless experience for your clients as they benefit from engagement via Meal Plans and Programs. Clients are able to participate in Living Plate programs & purchase a meal plan directly through their Healthie account. Convenient branded emails automatically will send from your business, with links for clients to view & access their meal plans via Living Plate. 
  • Make it easy to charge for Meal Plans and Programs to add new revenue streams to your business. 
  • Have Programs that are available via Living Plate Rx Prime automatically added to your Healthie account (Getting Started on Programs). 
  • Leverage Healthie's Programs Report to track engagement of your Living Plate Rx Programs. 

Integration Access (Meal Plans & Programs) 

Please review the options below to activate the integration for your Healthie account. 

  • If you do NOT use Healthie, but DO use Living Plate Rx Prime, and are interested in signing up for a joint account, you can do so here. When you sign up, e-mail letting us know you are a Living Plate Rx prime member. 
    • Note: This integration requires Pro / Prime membership of LivingPlateRx
  • If you do NOT use Living Plate Rx Prime today, but DO use Healthie, please use the promo code "Healthie" as you sign up for Living Plate, to receive the Healthie discount. 
  • If you use BOTH Healthie and Living Plate Rx Prime, and would like to access your integration, e-mail to set this up. 

Active members of Living Plate Rx Prime and Healthie can access: 

  • Living Plate Rx meal planning dashboard within Healthie with a Single Sign On
  • Living Plate Rx Programs directly within your Healthie account (requires Practice Plus plan or above)

If you are a Living Plate Rx and Healthie member, please e-mail We will verify your active membership and then send you an e-mail when your integrated account has been enabled. We request that you give of your purchase will be required for validation, and programs will take 7-10 business days to be uploaded into your account. 

Add a Living Plate Meal Plan to a Healthie Package 

Once the integration has been enabled for your account, a new section will appear in your client's profile. 

From your client's profile, or from the " Packages" page, you can add a Living Plate meal plan to an existing package, or create a new package. This will allow existing or new clients to purchase a meal plan (or a recurring meal plan subscription) directly through Healthie. You can also list a package with a price of $0 if you would like to give a meal plan to a client for free.

All payments received from meal plan sales are transferred to the bank account linked with your Healthie provider account

To add a meal plan to a package:  Included items > Meal Plan > "Add Meal Plan" 

From the drop-down, select the Meal Pan that you'd like to include. This information pulls directly from your Living Plate account, without requiring you to leave your Healthie account. 

Complete your package details, including setting pricing details for your meal plan. As mentioned above, the payment amount and terms are at your discretion. Here are some suggestions on how you can leverage Living Plate meal plans within your packages: 

  • Add a meal plan to an existing package alongside other services (ie. consultations) to add value to your package 
  • Create a stand-alone, recurring package subscription for an ongoing fee 
  • Create a "Free" package and include a meal plan (ie. 1 month access) to generate new leads for your business 

Note: if you do not have any meal plans added to the package, you'll see copy that says "No meal plans are included in this package." Clients will not see this copy. 

Viewing & Accessing Meal Plans (Providers & Clients)

For providers, a Living Plate meal plan can be accessed & viewed directly through Healthie. 

From the Client Profile > Meals Plans > Click the actions tab (three dots) next the meal plan > View Meal Plan

Your client's meal plan will appear in a new browser tab. 

Once a client purchases a package that includes a meal plan, they will also automatically received a branded email from your business, confirming their purchase & providing additional details re: their plan. These ongoing emails send on your behalf, and ensure that clients can access meal plans with ease. At this time, clients will not be able to view their meal plans directly within Healthie. 

Utilizing Living Plate Programs within Healthie 

Living Plate Prime Rx members receive free access to industry leading client programs. Programs are "ready to go" when they have been added to your account, although you maintain the ability to easily customize program delivery & content (e.g., tweak program content, and adjust number of days between which clients receive modules). 

You are also able to download the modules onto your computer in order to add your logo and brand them as you'd like, and then re-upload them to your Program within Healthie. Information on how to do this can be found here

Programs currently available for Living Plate Rx Prime members (within Healthie): 

  • Nutrition for Optimal Immunity
  • Low FODMAP Simplified
  • Transitioning to a Plant-Focused Diet
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Change for Pre-diabetes
  • Nutrition for Healthy Pregnancy 
  • CHEFs - a Culinary Skills Program for Health

As with Living Plate meal plans, Living Plate programs can also be added to a Healthie package > either for free or for a cost. Programs can be a value-add to an existing package, alongside other services, or they can be used to generate additional (passive) income for your business. 

Learn more about adding Programs to packages here. Alternatively, providers can directly enroll a client into a Program

Additional resources

Still have questions? We are available to assist you. 

  • We recommend you review our Living Plate Integration FAQ Guide
  • Questions about your Living Plate subscription can be sent to
  • Questions about your Healthie membership, or how to use the integration can be sent to 
  • Watch a recording with Healthie & Living Plate team members as we walk through making the most of the integration.

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