Scheduling a Chat Message

There may be times in which you'd like to schedule a chat message to be delivered at a specified time in the future, and draft it in advance of that time. Instances may include:

  • You'd like to "plan ahead" and pre-schedule chat messages to send at a set cadence
  • You'd like to use Chat to schedule daily or weekly reminders / check-ins
  • You'd like to schedule messages for when you go on vacation 

Scheduling a Chat Message

Navigate to Chat

  • Draft your message as per usual
  • When pressing Send, you will see a dropdown arrow. If you click on that error, you will see "Schedule Send"
  • You will then be prompted to select when you would like the message to be sent. While the platform has some "pre-selected" recommendations, you can also customize when you'd like the message to be sent out. 

Sample Chats to Schedule

  • "Hi! Happy Monday, I hope you are having a great start to the day. Just checking in, how is everything going? Have you been able to follow the Care Plan that we set during our last session? 
  • "Welcome to Week 5 of our Program together. Please respond with what your daily goal is." 

Unscheduling or editing a scheduled chat message 

If you have a Chat Message Scheduled, and would like to make changes and/or cancel this send, you can navigate to Chat > Scheduled. You will see prompts to Edit Message or Cancel Send

Additional Notes

  • This feature can be used for Message Blasts, Community Chats, and 1:1 conversations. 
  • There is no limit to the number of Chats you can schedule the send for. 
  • Clients will not know that your message was pre-scheduled. Visually, the Chat will appear the same on the Client end. 
  • You can view your Scheduled Chats by toggling on "Scheduled" within your Chat tab. If you do not have any Chats Scheduled, you will see a (0) on this tab, and no conversations when you click on it. 
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