Zoom: Share Zoom Link Directly with Contacts

Healthie's direct integration with HIPAA-compliant Zoom comes with several features and capabilities designed to create engaging video calls and webinars. Some of these features are automatically included within Healthie's direct integration with Zoom, others can be enabled for your account on request. You can review Zoom capabilities that are available (or not available) via Healthie here

Our integration with Zoom is available to all members on Plus Plan and above. By default this integration is active for your account (view your integrations). You do not need a personal Zoom account or subscription, and you do not need to take any action to enable Zoom.

Share a Zoom Link with Contacts Outside of Healthie

There may be instances where you would link an outside contact to join a group video call session or webinar that you've created in Healthie. In these cases, it may not be ideal for the contacts to create a Healthie client account to join - rather you'd prefer them to join the call directly. 

This can be done by sharing the Zoom call link directly with the contacts.

1. Follow the steps here to create your group call/webinar appointment type & add the session to your calendar

2. View the Session Details to copy the "Client Link" 

3. Share this Zoom link directly with your contact(s) - or even to add to buttons, your website, social platforms, etc. 

Note: a Healthie account will NOT be created for these contacts, so you will not be able to track attendance or run reports that include non-Healthie users. 

At this time, Healthie creates unique Zoom links for every appointment for HIPAA compliance. As a technology company, we implement adequate Technical Safeguards, Administrative Safeguards, and Physical Safeguards to ensure that our customers are always protected. As each meeting has its own unique ID, it is not possible to maintain a standard room ID with Zoom via Healthie. 

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