Analytics for Product and Dev Teams

Healthie is an API-first platform, and we make available the exact same API that is used to build out the Healthie UI. As a result, Healthie can be used as a fully Headless EMR, Scheduling, and/or Engagement platform. An additional benefit is that many of our organizations elect to leverage our API to connect with third-party platforms to visualize data and run analytics for product, business, and clinical needs.

Philosophically, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to pull data out from Healthie leveraging the API, and the GraphQL API provides a large amount of flexibility when it comes to designing the data flow that works best for your Organization's specific needs.

This is adjacent to Healthie's robust out of the box Reports, and Intake Form & Charting Form completed responses that allow you to understand key business and client information around client engagement, client outcomes, business operations, and business performance. 

Here are some examples: 

  1. Via Healthie's API you can ingest any piece of data that is held within the platform directly into a data warehouse or BI tool (ie. Snowflake or others). 
    1. You are able to use query arguments so that you are only ever grabbing data that has been updated since the last time you pulled down data, or take a webhooks based approach, and grab specific data based on certain triggers. 
    2. Many BI tools also ingest data from multiple CSV reports to store and map that data, which can be a fast way to get up and running with a BI tool. Healthie does not prescribe a particular BI tool, and Organizations can pick the tool of their choosing.
    3. Healthie is currently piloting an integration with Stitch Data for a limited number of customers. This integration, once live, which will enable you to share data into warehouses like Snowflake. If you are interested in the Healthie + Stitch integration, please add a comment to our Product Portal link, and you'll be notified of a larger rollout. 
  2. Integrate your Healthie instance with analytics tools like Mixpanel to view aggregated product utilization (requires web and/or mobile white-labels)
  3. Leverage our sample provider utilization calculator to determine provider availability in aggregate, forecast clinician staffing needs, and filter by attributes like appointment type, provider type, state, specialty, and other provider tags.

Example use case

For an organization whose customers are Health Plans (or Employers), many times, it's helpful to think about the Outcomes Summary Report that you share at the end of a given period (typically quarterly or annually). This helps your organization demonstrate ROI in an easy-to-digest manner that is operationally efficient and easy to scale.

Leveraging Data that lives within Healthie, you can

  • Build a Partner Portal to visualize key metrics and out comes
  • Determine how frequently you'd like data to be updated (in real-time, daily, weekly, quarterly, etc)
  • Build notifications that let the Partner know every time data has been updated
  • Continue to improve Clinical Workflows internally to improve Clinical Excellence models

Common metrics pulled into Outcomes Summary Report (simple example):

Part 1: Activity:

Part 2: Outcomes:

  • Key performance indicators:
    • Metrics (Weight Loss Pounds Lost, PHQ-9 outcomes)
    • Program Satisfaction Rating (Qualitative, scale of 1-10)
  • ROI:
    • Estimates (based on your programs ROI model) of cost savings

Part 3: Towards the future:

  • Forecast estimates of next given time period


Contact us ( and we can provide specific guidance on analyses to run & navigating the API to query what you are looking for. 

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