Insurance Billing Options with Healthie

Healthie enables Organizations to "Pick their own pathway" of how to Bill, and evolve your billing models over time - this spans FFS, VBC, Concierge Medicine, Out-of-Pockets payments, and more, and you can leverage our UI & API to optimize the billing that works best for care. Our customers may leverage in-house billers, third-party billers, or third-party tech-enabled partners to support their billing, alongside the capabilities that Healthie provides.

The ability to create Superbills & CMS 1500 claims is available for Essentials Plan members and above. To view your subscription or adjust your plan, navigate to Settings > Subscription within your account.


Healthie's built-in Superbill & CMS 1500 tool and third-party integrations offer a strong and comprehensive foundation upon which Organizations can create the billing processes that they'd like.

Information Capture & Eligibility Checks

CMS 1500 Claims Creation

CMS 1500 Claims Submission

  • Submit & track CMS 1500 Forms via:
    • Healthie's integration with Office Ally or ClaimRev for direct claims submission
    • Clearinghouse of your choice (we support the ability to export claims and support open formats used by other Clearinghouses)

CMS 1500 Claims Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Leverage an external RCM platform of your choice, either within Healthie's marketplace partners or other RCM companies (those would need to be integrated by customers have API access).

Harbor Partners include:

Reporting & Analytics

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