Schedule Appointments in Healthie

Utilizing Healthie's calendar system, there are various ways that client appointments can be booked. Healthie is designed to make the booking process simple for both practitioners, and clients. With a high-level of customization, you can decide as a wellness practitioner if you'd like to maintain control of the booking process, or allow clients to self-book appointments online. Learn how to navigate both ways to manage your calendar in this article. 

Manually Add a New Client Appointment (One-time or Recurring)

From the calendar tab of your Healthie Provider Account, you'll see a blue button to "Add Appointment." You can also click anywhere on your calendar as well to schedule an appointment. Once you click on "Add Appointment" or if you click anywhere on your calendar, a menu will pop-up, allowing you to select:

  • Client 
  • Appointment Type 
  • Contact Type
  • Location (if you have multiple office locations) 
  • Date/Time 
  • Input any notes for this session (not visible to clients) 

Healthie's Calendar can also be used to: 

Note: new clients will need to be added to Healthie first, in order for you to book an appointment for them. 

Share Your Calendar Link with Clients

Healthie allows you to easily copy a URL link for your calendar, which you can then share with clients either in an email, in your email signature, a newsletter, your website, a landing page, or via chat. As a scheduling tool, this link will then display all of your current appointment types (includes ones you disabled this setting for) and will allow clients to select their appointment type, find a date/time, and provide their contact details. 

To obtain your calendar URL link: 

  • Navigate to the "Calendar" tab in your Healthie menu 
  • Below the left-hand calendar, you'll see a URL link 
  • Click "Copy" and then paste your link where you desire 

Clients will only see appointment times based on the availability you have set. You can add or adjust your availability by following the instructions here

Ways Clients Can Book an Appointment Online

There are several ways in which clients can self-book an appointment through Healthie. Let's walk through the most common ways for clients to book: 

1. Direct booking through a calendar URL link

Steps to obtaining your calendar link (URL) can be found above. For new clients using your booking link, they will be prompted to provide their contact information (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number) which will automatically create a Healthie account for this client. Your client will receive a welcome email, which you can customize here

Existing clients will not be prompted to put in this information, instead they will be prompted to log in to their Healthie Client account, preventing duplicate accounts from being created. 

Embedded Calendar for website: 

Navigate to Calendar > Navigate to Calendar > More > Embed Calendar

  • Select whether you'd like to pull just your Calendar of availability, or tie it to a package for a client to purchase by clicking the icon you'd like. 

2. Purchase a package with appointment(s) included

Another way for clients to book is through the purchasing of a package. You can learn how to create your client packages here

Typically, an appointment or several appointment types will be included within a package. Your clients will be prompted to select an appointment, select a date/time, enter their information, and credit card information. 

In other cases, clients might be prompt first selecting a provider first or location. 

3. Booking an appointment within Healthie App

Healthie's mobile app (available on iOS and Android with the app name Healthie) serves as a companion tool for both providers and clients for on the go communication, food logging, appointment scheduling, and more. The mobile apps are free for both providers and clients to download and utilize.

Once login onto the mobile app (either IOS or Andriod), select the "Sessions" tab on the bottom of the dashboard. To create an appointment, press the "+" on the top right to schedule a session. 

You will be prompt to select the client who you want to have the session with, the session type, the contact type, and when the appointment is. 

4. Booking an appointment within their Healthie Client Portal 

For existing clients, the most common way to book an appointment is to log in to their Healthie Client Portal, either from a web browser or the Healthie mobile app.

Once logged in, your client can easily view all of their upcoming appointments, or book a new appointment through their "Sessions" tab. Again, clients will only see appointment types that you've "enabled" clients to book, and will only see available times to book based on your set availability.

You can learn more about your client's experience, by watching our Deep-Dive Video "Client Experience" at

Organization Scheduling 

You can also schedule for other members of your organization.

Edit a Scheduled Appointment 

To make changes to an appointment that is already scheduled: 

  • Navigate to your Calendar within Healthie 
  • Click the appointment you'd like to edit 
  • A side panel will appear, click the "Pencil Icon" on the top right. 
  • Make changes to your appointment and click "Save" 

To learn more about cancelling or rescheduling appointments, visit our help article here

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