Cancel Your Healthie Subscription

Unfortunately, there may be an instance in which you need to cancel your Healthie subscription. If this is the case, here are some of our best practices for protecting you and your client’s information. 

Healthie cannot export or transfer client data, so please download the data you need prior to cancelling.

Once you've cancelled your account, you will not be able to access your account or client information. If you do need to access your account, you can reactivate at any time. All of your client data will be restored for you to access at this time. 

Not the right timing? If you love Healthie, but it's not the right timing for your business, consider switching to our free Starter Plan in lieu of cancelling. This will allow you to maintain account access, use Healthie's core features, and work with up to 10 clients for free.


Download All of your Client’s Information

The first thing we recommend doing is downloading all of your client’s information using the Client List Report. This way, in the case you reactivate your account or need to reference any client information, you will still have access. Be sure to find a HIPAA-compliant way to store the information, however; you are still responsible for the security of your client’s personal health information. 

You can access the client information report by clicking on the “Reports” tab in the left hand side menu of your dashboard. Once downloaded, you can find the report in the “Generated Reports” folder in your Documents. You can then download the report directly to your computer from there. 

There are a variety of other reports you can download and save if you would like to store other information on your practice, such as bank transfers, client payments, CMS-1500s, and appointment credits. This may be important information to keep as well as you transition out of Healthie. 

Archive All of Your Clients

While you are unable to delete your clients from Healthie, you should archive all clients to protect their information. To prevent accidental data loss, and to ensure that our providers are maintaining requirements by HIPAA & healthcare industry standards for data storage and retention it is currently not possible for you to permanently delete a client from your account.  

Archiving your clients will prevent them from booking appointments, purchasing services, and more. Learn more here

You may want to let your clients know that you will no longer be available for appointments or message support via Healthie - and provide them an alternative way to connect with you. 

Remove Your Availability 

In the event you have shared a URL to your calendar for clients to book, we recommend removing all of your one-time and recurring availability. This will prevent clients from being able to successfully book an appointment in the future. 

Learn how to remove availability

If you have already cancelled your Healthie account, please email to request our team manually remove your availability on your behalf. 

Archive Your Packages 

In the event you have shared a URL to a Client Package (ie. in a past email to clients), we recommend archiving all of your packages. This will prevent clients from being able to make future purchases. 

Learn how to archive a package.

Cancel Your Account

You have the ability to cancel your subscription from within your Healthie account. 

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner, and select Subscription from the drop down.  From here, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription.

Before you go, please provide a reason and any additional information. Your feedback is valuable, and helps inform our team as we continue to build Healthie. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to my account for, once I initiate a cancellation? 

You have access to your account until your current billing cycle ends. Learn more about Understanding Your Subscription or email to confirm your cycle end-date. 

Can my clients still access their Healthie client account after I cancel my subscription? 

Clients will have access to their information on Healthie and can keep using Healthie. Their account doesn't expire. If you don't want clients to have access, you would need to adjust each client's settings and unshare any documents.

Can my clients still message me or book appointments? 

Some practices encourage their clients to continue using Healthie and all the features. We recommend disabling certain features like chat, and the appointments tab so that if the client tries to book with you they cannot (or archive your clients) to prevent them from booking or sending a message. 

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