November 2021: Release Notes

Platform release notes: November 2021. Learn what new changes to the Healthie platform and mobile app that both providers and clients can expect to see. With new releases each week, make the most of Healthie's new features by bookmarking this help article and checking back frequently.


Mobile Release 11.8.2021

A new version of Healthie's mobile app has gone live. 

  • Clients can create custom food items within the nutrition database journaling feature when nutrient tracking is enabled for their account 
  • Clients can more easily add multiple servings of food items when nutrient tracking is enabled for their account 
  • Clients can connect ClearStep devices to automatically pull in metrics data (if the integration is enabled for their account by their provider) 
  • Added a setting to control whether photos taken while using the app are saved to the device’s camera roll
  • Providers can see a client’s date of birth in their profile
  • It’s now possible to open a zip file from Documents and Chat

We recommend that both providers and clients update to the latest version (Version 7.4.1) of the app. 

Shapa/ClearStep Integration Enabled for All Provider Accounts 

Healthie offers a direct integration with Shapa and ClearStep. This integration can be located within Settings > Integrations, and by default is "enabled" for all provider accounts. As a provider, you can adjust the settings for all of your clients, a group of clients, or individual clients, which will allow them to sync their Shapa or ClearStep devices with Healthie. 

Clients will NOT see this integration option in their Client Portal unless their provider first adjusts their client settings (Settings > Journaling > Integrations). 

Updates to Nutrient Tracking for Clients 

  • Clients can more easily add multiple servings of food items when nutrient tracking is enabled for their account (from the web and Healthie mobile app) 

Design Updates to Healthie Programs 

Healthie Programs has a new look for both providers and clients. Some of the noted design changes include: 

  • Redesign of the Program title & description display
  • Redesign of the modules list to make it clearer which day the module will be sent, and to better visually distinguish the different module content types. 
  • Clients enrolled in a fixed start date program will see a date next to each module, indicating when the module will be released. 

Provider view: 

Client view: 

Ability to Download Payment Receipts

When a client has made a payment, or has paid an invoice, providers can now generate a receipt of payment for their records. 

Learn more here

Easier Sorting of Superbills 

Our latest release makes it easier to sort and find Superbills that have been created. Any column with a "down arrow" located by it can be clicked to sort the list. 

The sort options include: 

  • Name (By Last Name A-Z -OR- Z-A)
  • Billed Date (Newest to Oldest -OR- Oldest to Newest)
  • Created Date (Newest to Oldest -OR- Oldest to Newest)
  • Amount Billed (Highest to Lowest -OR- Lowest to Highest)
  • Amount Payed (Highest to Lowest -OR- Lowest to Highest)

Additional Updates

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Ability to open multiple forms from the client's Quick Profile.
  • Updates to the wording that clients see when purchasing a free package.
  • Better guidance to correct certain fields when completing a Superbill, if the field is not completed properly.
  • Clearer distinction of team member role when assigning a task to an organization member. 
  • Improvements to the header of Fax messages sent through Healthie. 
  • Fix to ensure the order of modules that a client can see in a program aligns with the order in which the provider intends the modules to be displayed. 
  • Ability to see Client Tag details in the Client List, Client Activity, and Client Metrics reports. 
  • When generating a PDF version of a charting note, addendums will now be included. 

Past and Planned Updates

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See planned product updates on our Product Roadmap

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