Best practices: Eliminating intake forms for a Discovery Call Client

Many providers opt to offer a Discovery Call for Prospective Clients, in order to confirm fit. Sometimes, you'll want them to not complete your standard set of intake forms, until this initial discovery call has been completed. Or, you'll have basic forms for them to complete, but not your full suite of forms. 

This article walks through how to set this up in Healthie by creating a client group called "Discovery Call" and assigning a modified intake flow to that group. 

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Setting up your group

  • Step 1: Create a new client group, titled "Discovery call - new client" (or something of the sort)
  • Step 2: Create an intake flow for this client group. Match it to the specific group that you created in Step 1. 
  • Step 3: You will need to choose existing intake forms within your platform, or build new intake forms and match this forms to the intake flow that you created. 
  • Step 4: Make sure relevant forms are added to your intake flow for a " Discovery call - new client

Best practices:

  • Providers will commonly include a shortened version of their intake form, a HIPAA-privacy notice, and sometimes insurance request form. Some even choose to have clients complete NO paperwork, in which case the intake flow created should have NO forms. 
  • Post discovery call, if you would like clients to fill out your intake forms, you can move them into another group that contains the intake forms they'll need to fill out.