Linking Healthie with Social Media Accounts

Many Healthie providers are active on social media platforms and find success in these channels as a way to build client relationships, promote their brands & their services, and acquire new clients. Moreover, many providers leverage the features of Healthie to promote & offer new services in their businesses on social media.


Instagram and Healthie

Instagram can be a powerful tool to market your business. Here is how you can pull links from Healthie to have clients book directly, and purchase packages directly, from your Instagram account

  • Use a tool like Linktree to share links from Instagram to your Healthie calendar / packages
  • Pull the package link or calendar link that you'd like to direct clients to

Facebook and Healthie

A Facebook business page is an excellent marketing tool for engaging with your clients in a personalized format.  Facebook allows you to increase the number of touch points your leads have with your brand before they sign up with you, which helps build the foundation of a strong relationship with them.  Unlike a website, which is still essential to your business operations, your Facebook page allows you to build your brand while also interacting with prospective customers.  Between direct messages, comments, and Facebook lives, you have a variety of chances to show prospects what your business is about, how you operate as a provider, and what it may be like to work together.  You can also share resources that will allow you to generate leads, through capturing contact information.  

Facebook is also a great way to drive traffic to your website.  Facebook allows you to easily include links to blog posts, packages, online booking, or webinars for your clients to travel directly to your website.  Unlike Instagram, which requires followers to take extra steps (like traveling to your bio) to access important links, you can include relevant links directly within your post to minimize effort and improve the likelihood of your clients traveling to your website.  

You can leverage Healthie to drive traffic to your website, by linking your packages directly on your Facebook page.  Healthie makes it easy to create shareable links (that can be embedded or sent as a link). You are also able to share multiple packages at once or share some / just one package at a time with a single link. 

To share a package: Navigate to Billing > Client Packages > Find Single Package > Share 

Use this "Sharing Link" option if you would like to share a package on a newsletter, social media post, or as a button on your website. This generates a clickable URL that will show your package in a web browser tab. Clients are prompted to follow steps for filling out their billing information to purchase the package and book a session. 

When using Healthie links within your Facebook page, it may be convenient to shorten them using Bitly.  This website allows you to create custom, short links for any webpage.  Simply go to and enter the package link, and Bitly will generate a custom link for you to post and share.   

Facebook Events 

A great way to share your upcoming programs and webinars is through the Events page on your business’ Facebook page.  To add a new event, click on the “Events'' tab and click on “Create New Event” and select “Online Event” so you can include the Bitly link.  From there, you can fill out the details of the program, webinar, or package so leads have a good understanding of what they are signing up for.  In including your Healthie link, prospects will be brought directly to Healthie to purchase a package and book an appointment.  

Below is an example of using a Facebook event to promote services, and leverage a package link from Healthie to allow followers to enroll/purchase online. 

1. Create your event 

2. Include your Healthie package link within the description (as-is from Healthie, or shortened using Bitly) 

3. Once an interested participant clicks the URL link, they are brought to a Healthie purchase screen. 

Client information is captured and payment is processed (unless the package is FREE). As a provider, you will receive a notification once a package is purchased. Learn how to adjust your notifications here

If there is an appointment associated with your package, clients are prompted to sign up for the corresponding session (ie. a group virtual session). If there is a program associated with your package, clients are automatically enrolled in their program. 

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