Troubleshooting Guide: Availability

Healthie's Calendar gives you the power to set your weekly and ad-hoc availability, configure over 35 settings, embed Healthie onto your website, and sync the calendar with other calendars you use in your life, including iCal, Google, and Outlook. Once you set your availability and service offerings, you are also able to generate sharable URL links to add Healthie into your social media accounts, newsletter lists, or directly with a specific client.

If you have set your availability and appointment types, but are still finding that clients are unable to book with you, there are several reasons why this may be occurring, based on settings you may have established. We recommend checking the following elements of your Healthie Calendar to ensure that you have set up your availability and offerings correctly. 

Appointment Settings

Navigate to Calendar > More > Appointment Settings

  • Disable Same Day Appointments: Ensure this setting is disabled if you would like clients to book with you on same day
  • Maximum/Minimum Days Advance: Ensure that you have set a time period > 30 days, as you may have blocked your calendar (or have events synced in from other Calendars you use) that is causing Healthie's Calendar to show no availability to your clients
  • Prevent No Credit Booking: Ensure that you have set up your Client Packages and turned on the Credits System if you have the setting "Prevent no client Booking" enabled, otherwise clients may see that they need to purchase additional credits before being able to book. 
  • Only Allow Appointments every 30 minutes: This setting will reduce the number of time blocks shown on your Calendar, as clients can only book times starting at :00 and :30 of each hour when this setting is enabled
  • Only Allow Appointments at the top of the hour: This setting will reduce the number of time blocks shown on your Calendar, as clients can only book times starting at :00 of each hour when this setting is enabled

Sync with External Calendars

If you have synced your Healthie Calendar with a third party calendar, please ensure that you have not placed all-day blocks on this calendar, as that will prevent your Healthie Calendar from showing availability. 

Appointment Types

Navigate to Calendar > More > Appointment Types

  • If your have disabled "Clients Can Book" for a specific or all of your appointment types, your clients will be unable to book an appointment. 
  • If your appointment type is a Group Appointment, clients will only be able to book Group Appointments that you have created in your calendar. 

Availability by Location/Appointment Type

If you have enabled availability by location / availability by appointment type, you will need to ensure that you have set availability for each of these permeations, if you are hearing that your client is unable to book with you, to ensure you have added availability for each location. 

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