Restrict Client Access to the Healthie App

When a client is added to Healthie, whether this is done manually or automatically, they will receive an invitation to create a Healthie login. This login (email address and password) can be used to access Healthie from the web, or from Healthie's mobile app

Data shows us that clients prefer to use the app, as it allows them convenient on-the-go access to their client portal. Their client portal allows them to complete forms, view documents, launch virtual calls, book appointments, and take other account actions. 

Depending on the settings that have been enabled for the client's account, clients may also have access to engagement features like food and lifestyle journaling, goal tracking, activity logging, chat, and more. 

Restrict (or Customize) Client Access to Healthie's Mobile App 

There may be instances where you wish to restrict a client's access to the mobile app, or specific engagement features. Often-case this occurs when a provider prefers that clients pay a subscription-fee, or buy a higher tier client package in order to access a higher level of engagement. 

While the mobile app cannot be entirely disabled for a client, there are ways to limit a client's engagement within the platform. 

All of these account customizations can be updated at any time by the client's healthcare provider.

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