Part 3: Making the most of Healthie

After setting up your Healthie account, and learning how to engage with Clients on Healthie you can learn to optimize your Healthie workflows for success. Having the right workflows in place helps to ensure that you're streamlining your business operations, and creating the best client experience possible. This guide outlines 5 best practices to make the most of the Healthie platform.  

In addition to this guide, you can also view our video walkthrough of Part 3: Making the most of Healthie. Feel free to pause the video, as you customize your workflows within Healthie.  

1. Set up your discovery call or free consultation offer

Many providers elect to offer a discovery call or free consultation session that can be used to assess fit for further work, with prospective clients. Healthie makes it easy for you to create your discovery call or free consultation, as well as help you generate a sharable link to promote the offering. This link can be added to your website, included in your email signature, and added to any other digital marketing material. 

For example, you can add a link in your e-mail signature that links to a free consultation booking widget (instructions below). 

Step 1: Create your free discovery call by following the steps in this guide to setting up a free consultation

Step 2: Create a Group called "Prospective Clients" and a corresponding intake flow within Healthie for these prospects, as you may prefer for these clients to complete different paperwork (or no paperwork). This will allow you to keep your contacts organized within Healthie, and customize the experience for clients at different stages of the customer journey. 

Obtain the link to your calendar (or package) depending on how you created your discovery call. This link can be added to your website, included in your email signature, and added to any other digital marketing material. Be sure to have availability set on your calendar, so that prospects are able to book with you. 

When a prospect books a discovery call, or purchases your discovery call package, you’ll be notified. You can adjust your notifications within Healthie here

For calls that are booked as a phone session, you will be required to call your client at the phone number they’ve provided. Their phone number will be visible in your calendar appointment details, and in your client’s profile. 

For telehealth discovery calls, your client will receive an email after booking prompting them to create a Healthie account. They’ll need to log into their Healthie client portal from a web browser or the mobile app in order to launch your virtual session. No additional plugins or downloads are required. 

2. Customize notifications that you and clients receive

The Healthie platform automatically sends you and your clients' emails and push notifications to keep you updated on client activity, account activity, and business needs. E-mail notifications are sent to your e-mail address on file, and push notifications are sent through the mobile apps to notify you of updates and actions. 

These notification preferences can be customized to meet your specific business preferences. As you continue familiarizing yourself with the platform, we recommend running through notification options within your account, to ensure that they meet your expectations. If you work with a high volume of clients, we also recommend turning off some notifications, to focus on those that would be most actionable for your practice. Then, outside of notifications, you can incorporate into your workflow a review of journals and other features that you know you'll want to regularly review. 

3. Connect intake forms and charting templates with smart fields

Healthie's intake form and charting template tools contain Smart Fields, which are auto-fill features that connect the intake form responses with Client Profile and Charting Template fields, to prevent providers from having to input the same piece of information more than once, into the portal. This saves providers and clients time collecting client information, and Smart Fields span client information, financial data, insurance information, and health fields. 

We recommend reviewing the intake forms and charting templates that you have set up within Healthie, to look for places where Smart Fields can save you time. 

4. Set expectations with your clients

As you introduce (or expand) the online suite of services that you offer to clients as part of working with them, it's important to set expectations around how you will leverage online features, and appropriately, draw boundaries around when and how you will respond to journal entries and chat messages received. 

For example, you may want to communicate how often you plan to check journal entries and respond to chat messages, as well as offer these services as part of premium packages, versus being available to all.

Here are two ways to set expectations with your clients:

  1. Communicate these expectations as part of your office policies in your intake forms, which clients can then e-sign as part of their onboarding flow.  
  2. Leverage the Chat Autoresponder tool to help clients know when they can expect to receive a response to a Chat that they send. 

5. Identify how you will use Reports

Healthie's Reports makes it easy for you to pull information related to:

  • Client information & activity 
  • Client metrics & health outcomes
  • Appointment history and statuses (incl. no-show rates, most common appointment types, credits, etc)
  • Payment information (Bank transfers, Superbills, CMS 1500 data)
  • For organizations: understand individual and aggregate provider performance, track CMS 1500 claims and status by provider, organize accounting by provider 

These are invaluable for understanding how your business is performing, and observing key trends across business finances, operations, and outcomes. You can use these downloadable Reports to make decisions in your business, as well as market service efficacy to prospective clients.

We recommend taking a look at reports available to your business, and delving into which ones will be helpful for you. 

Additional Resources

Live Classes

To continue with account set up, we suggest that you join our Live Classes to best learn the Healthie features and to set up your account along with our team. Our Live Classes recur weekly and are open to all members. 

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Resources for clients

Healthie has several resources that you are welcome to use, to help you share your online platform with your clients, and make it easy for them to work with you online. 

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