Pediatrics: Implementing Workflows

Healthie is designed to be customizable and flexible when working across specialties and patient populations, including pediatric care. If you are working with children or families, you can leverage Healthie to help deliver care, document sessions, collect paperwork, and so much more. This article covers specific workflows that providers may want to implement, or utilize, when working with minors and their family members. 


Create a Pediatric Assessment or Charting Note 

Healthie is designed for providers to customize the paperwork and charting forms they use in practice. This helps to capture the most relevant client information, save time on charting, and improve client care. 

You can easily create your own Pediatric Assessment in Healthie's Forms tab, by adding a new form. Use the easy drag-and-drop question bank to add your questions to your form. 

Typically, an intake form is a form that you would like a client (or parent/guardian) to complete during onboarding. A charting form is what you will select as a provider, when charting in a client's profile. The same form builder can be used to create the form, and you can click Options on the top right to switch the form from an Intake to a Charting form, depending on your need. 

Learn more about Intake forms and Charting templates

Note: To add a signature and name field for the parent/guardian to your form(s) follow the steps here.

If you have an existing Pediatric Assessment form or Charting template that you would like our team to build out for you, please send a word doc or PDF version of your form to 

Have a Parent/Guardian Complete Paperwork for a Minor 

Healthie enables providers to create a flow of electronic paperwork, called an intake flow, that can send to a client to complete when added to Healthie. Different intakes flows can be created for different client groups. For example, providers who work with both adults and pediatric clients, may choose to put them in separate client groups, and have a different set of paperwork send respective to the group. 

This can be particularly useful if you have a Pediatric Assessment form that you'd like completed by the client/parent/guardian. When setting up a client account for a minor, the child sometimes has their own email address, but often uses a parent's email address. When the client is added to Healthie, they will receive an email prompting them to create a password for their Healthie account. Upon logging in, client's will be asked to complete any intake paperwork that the provider has set up. 

At this time, it is not currently possible to send paperwork to contacts other than the client for electronic completion. The parent/guardian will need to access the account directly in order to complete the requested forms.

If the client has their own email address: 

  • The child may want to share the log in credentials with the parent/guardian so they may access the account and complete the requested paperwork 

If the client shares an email address with the parent/guardian: 

  • In the case of a share email address, the parent/guardian will be able to use their email address (and password created at time of account setup) to log in to the child's account and complete the paperwork 

Alternatively, providers can have parents complete a printed copy of the forms, and the provider can upload the documents to the client's account directly (avoiding the need for the parent to log in to Healthie). 

Please note, under HIPAA, parents/guardians may have the legal right to access the client's medical records via Healthie. Providers will need to discuss this matter directly with clients and their parents. 

If there is a form outside of your intake flow that you would like the client/parent/guardian to complete, you can also request completion for a form. This will trigger an email to the client/associated contacts, prompting them to log into Healthie and complete the form. 

Use Pediatric Growth Charts in Healthie 

Healthie has the CDC (2-20 years) & WHO (0 - 2 years) pediatric growth charts that you can use within Metrics. This enables you to visually track height and weight growth percentiles over time. 

Learn how to enable growth charts, and leverage them in your client care. 

Collect Payment on Behalf of a Child 

Healthie offers a direct integration with Stripe that allows payment processing to happen directly within the platform. Client payment details can be stored within their client profiles, and payments can be processed directly. Funds received from client payments are transferred directly to the bank account linked with your Healthie provider account. Additionally, Healthie supports the creation of Superbills and CMS 1500 claims for clients using insurance benefits to pay for services. 

There are several ways that you can collect payment, or bill a client's insurance within Healthie. Here are some common ways that providers manage billing in regards to minor accounts:

Fax an Assessment to a Doctor 

Providers can e-Fax a document, form, or chart note to another healthcare provider as needed. Learn more about Healthie's e-Fax feature

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