January 2022: Release Notes

Platform release notes: January 2022. Learn what new changes to the Healthie platform and mobile app that both providers and clients can expect to see. With new releases each week, make the most of Healthie's new features by bookmarking this help article and checking back frequently.


Smart Phrases for Charting 

Smart Phrases are go-to phrases, recommendations, and responses that you can save, and quickly apply while charting. This charting feature is designed to help improve the speed and accuracy of charting.

Turn on Smart Phrases by adding your first phrase to the Smart Phrases library in  Settings > Features > Smart Phrases. You'll then see the Smart Phrases Icon appear in charting.

Learn more about Smart Phrases

Add Client Credit Card on File 

To charge a client for an outside payment, a client needs to have a credit card on file. If a client does not have a card on file, you'll now see a prompt, with the option to manually add a card directly in your workflow. 

Learn more here

Diet ID + Healthie Integration [Beta Testing]

Healthie has launched a beta integration with the validated dietary assessment tool, Diet ID.

Diet ID is a fast, innovative, validated dietary assessment tool that requires no food logging or lengthy forms. Its frictionless, judgment-free, image-based experience generates a diet quality score and comprehensive nutrient and food group analysis that can be used as a baseline assessment, goal-setting tool, and method to understand and track chronic disease risk. 

The assessment can be done in as little as 60 seconds and results are generated instantly. You can add Diet ID to your standard intake flows or assessment templates to save 20-30 minutes per visit.

  • If you use Healthie, and would like to use Diet ID, you can sign up here and benefit from a discount for Healthie members. The cost is $9.99/month for 100 client assessments/month. 
  • While you need to have an active Diet ID subscription, there is no fee associated with Healthie to enable the integration. 
  • If you use both tools, you can e-mail jhendricks@dietid.com to have the assessment integrated into your account

Learn more about the integration here.

Bulk Add Care Team Members

Care Team members can be added to multiple client accounts at a single time. 

Navigate to your Clients List and select the clients you'd like to add Care Team members for  

Once you select 2+ clients, a menu bar will appear > Actions >  Add Care Team Members

Search/select for the Care Team Member(s) that you'd like to associate with the selected clients. 

Form Requests Added to "Client Notifications" 

Healthie intuitively (and automatically) sends notifications to your clients, such as email and SMS appointment reminders, appointment confirmations, purchase confirmations, and more. 

Any sent emails requesting a client to complete a form is now included within the Client Notification History. This includes the status of the request email (ie. Sent, Delivered, Bounced). 

Note: it is not possible for us to determine if an email has been opened by a client, only the send status. 

Included in the notification details, is information on the workflow that triggered the form request - and which form was requested. Learn more here

Ability to Search by Client Email Address

In the search field at the top of your provider account when logged into Healthie, you can now enter a client's email address to locate their client profile. If there is an affiliated client account, it will display in the drop-down. Click on the client name to open their Client Profile. 

Improvements to the Superbills Page 

Healthie's Superbills Page has an improved look. Find information on created Superbills at a glance, and take specific actions to manage a Superbill, including options to:  

  • View 
  • Edit 
  • Email to client (click to send a copy of the Superbill to your client's email address on file) 
  • Download 
  • Delete 

Learn more about managing Superbills here

Mobile App Update: January 27, 2022

A new version of the Healthie mobile app has gone live! 

Here are the improvements you (and your clients) will notice: 

  • Clients can save meals to easily re-post the same food items when logging foods (Nutrient Tracking
  • Clients can add partial serving amounts for food items when logging foods (Nutrient Tracking
  • Providers can add notes when scheduling appointments
  • New “Notifications” setting for clients to opt in to receive marketing communications from their provider
  • Permission for water intake to pull in to Healthie from Apple Health 

We recommend that both providers and clients update to the latest version ( Version 7.4.2) of the app. 

Additional Updates

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • When using the Office Ally direct integration, the reason for a claim that has been rejected will display within the CMS 1500's claim list. Hover over the "Rejected by Clearinghouse" status for the full details. 
  • When viewing participants in a Program, clicking the client name will open up the Quick Profile for the client.
  • Improvements to the graph display of the Appointments Report

Past and Planned Updates

View all updates from last month here

See planned product updates on our Product Roadmap

Have a feature request for our team? You can share your requests by emailing us at hello@gethealthie.com or by adding/voting for your requests on Feature Upvote.

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