Healthie Video Calls: Schedule a 1:1 Video Call

Healthie's HIPAA-compliant video call (telehealth) solution enables you to conduct both one-on-one and group virtual sessions. With Video Call, you can host video call sessions, conduct webinars and classes, record sessions, and hold meetings with multiple participants.

Healthie offers a built-in telehealth option for scheduling 1:1 video call sessions. This feature is included on all membership plans, and does not require local installation or additional plug-ins. 

Healthie video calls can be launched from any web browser or from the Healthie Mobile app, making it convenient for both providers and clients.

Alternatively, Healthie also offers a direct integration with HIPAA-compliant Zoom for 1:1 and group video calls, and webinars. This integration is available for members on Plus plan and above. 

This article reviews how to create a 1:1 video call session through Healthie telehealth. If you're looking to set up the sessions as a Zoom call, follow the steps here instead. 

Create a 1:1 Healthie Video Call Session

First, please make sure that you have "Healthie Video Call" as an enabled appointment type. By default, this setting is on, but we suggest you review your settings to confirm. 

  • Navigate to Gear Icon > Settings > Click "Appointments" under Calendar 
  • Make sure the box next to "Healthie Video Call" has a check
  • Next, for an appointment to be booked as a virtual call, you first need to ensure that your appointment type includes "Healthie Video Call" as a contact type. 

Calendar > More > Appointment Types 

Find the appointment that you would like to offer as a virtual session. In the "Contact Types" category, check to see if " Healthie Video Call" is listed. If not, you can click "Edit" next to the appointment and update the contact type. Tip: check the video icon. 

Now you can book a video call appointment on your calendar. 

  • Click the "Add Appointment" button in your calendar 
  • Select your client/invitee from the drop-down and choose the appointment type (ie. Initial Appointment) 
  • When creating an appointment, select "Healthie Video Call" as the "Contact Type.

Group Video Call Sessions

Only 1:1 sessions can be hosted through Healthie Video Call.  

If you'd like to create a group session, or add another person to a video call session, you will need to create a Zoom meeting instead. There is no way to convert a 1:1 session that has been scheduled into a group session. Please create a new group Zoom session if you need to add more people to the call. 

Healthie Video Call Capabilities 

Call recording is not a feature of Healthie's built-in telehealth sessions. Healthie's integration with Zoom must be used for this capability. 

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