Zoom: Create a Group Meeting in Healthie

Healthie's direct integration with HIPAA-compliant Zoom comes with several features and capabilities designed to create engaging video calls and webinars. Some of these features are automatically included within Healthie's direct integration with Zoom, others can be enabled for your account on request. You can review Zoom capabilities that are available (or not available) via Healthie here

Our integration with Zoom is available to all members on Plus Plan and above. By default this integration is active for your account (view your integrations). You do not need a personal Zoom account or subscription, and you do not need to take any action to enable Zoom.

Alternatively, Healthie offers a built-in telehealth option for scheduling 1:1 video call sessions. This feature is included on all membership plans, and does not require local installation or additional plug-ins. 

This article reviews how to create a group video call through Healthie Zoom. You'll find other related resources below. 

Create an Appointment Type for your Group Session

Before adding your group appointment or webinar to the calendar, you need to create it as an appointment type first. 

Calendar > More > Appointment Types > Add new type 

  • Name your group/webinar (clients will see the appointment name) 
  • Check off "Group Appointment" box 
  • Check off "Clients Can Book" if you'd like this appointment to appear in your calendar for any client to join
  • Choose the duration time 
  • Uncheck the phone and in-person contact type icons, leaving only the video icon checked
  • Click "Add Appointment Type" 

Add Your Group Appointment to Your Calendar

To create a Group Video session via Zoom, please make sure to click " Group" when selecting whether the session is Individual vs Group. From the invitee list, you can add individual clients or groups of clients. 

If you are offering a regular group call (ie. a virtual support session), you can mark off "Repeating Appointment" at the bottom of the appointment box (above the "Create" button). 

Interval: the frequency of which you want the appointment to occur

  • Weekly 
  • Biweekly (every 2 weeks)
  • Monthly 

Repeat times: the total number of times you'd like to run the group appointment (ie. 6 for a 6 week session) 

Note: There is a 100 person maximum on all group calls and webinars. Clients will automatically receive their appointment confirmation and appointment reminders as per your settings

View link generated for Zoom appointment

To view the details of the Zoom group appointment or webinar you just created, click on the appointment scheduled. You will see "Click to Join" to click to start your webinar. The "Client Video Link" is a link you can share directly with your clients to access the webinar.

If you have a recurring / repeating appointment via Zoom, for example a weekly webinar series, the same Zoom link can be used by your client to join each time in that series of appointment sessions. 

As part of preserving HIPAA-compliance with your Zoom meetings, each meeting will generate it's own unique ID, and it is not possible to maintain a standard room ID with Zoom via Healthie. 

Note: In the event that you are using group webinars as a marketing feature, as many do, you should note that a participant can join a Zoom link regardless of whether or not they are a Healthie client.

To learn more about how to market and share your Zoom group appointment or webinar, review this Healthie article

Group Session Charting 

For group appointments, providers have the option to create a group charting note. Group charting allows provider to save time documenting sessions for couples, families, support groups, and more. 

Group Chart Notes in Healthie enables: 

  • The creation of a single (editable) charting note documenting a multi-client sessions 
  • The ability to simultaneously add notes for each individual client in attendance 

Learn more about Group Charting

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