Use Healthie as a CRM Tool for Prospective Clients

Healthie can be used as a basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, or in conjunction with other, more advanced CRM tools. 

This article walks through the process of leveraging Healthie as your CRM, and best practices/suggestions for building relationships with prospective members.

This article reviews: 

  • How to use Healthie as a CRM tool 
  • Best practices for using Healthie as a CRM 
  • Integration with other CRM tools 

How to use Healthie as a CRM tool

Healthie's EHR and client engagement platform can be used in work with both existing and prospective clients. 

To use Healthie with prospective clients:

  • Create a group in Healthie called "Prospective Clients"
  • Add your client leads to this group -- you can automatically add these leads to this group if they book specific packages or services (ie. Discovery Call) 
  • Engage with these leads (Best Practices section below provides our recommendations)
  • Once a client books a service (ie. Initial consultation) you can move them manually or automatically into a new group "ie. Counseling Clients"  

Learn more on utilizing groups within Healthie here.

You can also leverage Healthie's powerful reports to keep track of your lead conversions.

Run Healthie's Appointments Report 

This report can be run monthly (or for any date range you specify) and will give you a detailed breakdown of the appointments booked in this period of time. For example, you can review how many "Discovery Call" appointments were booked, and how many "Initial Consultations" to indicate conversions of prospects > customer. 

Best Practices for using Healthie as a CRM tool

While you may normally only engage, message, and provide feedback for paying customers -- some providers convert leads by providing support/engagement for a period of time at no cost, essential like a trial period. 

Integration with other CRM tools

Healthie integrates with several CRM tools, including InfusionSoft, Salesforce, and Hubspot; if you would like assistance connecting Healthie with your CRM, please email (an additional fee may apply).

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