Introduction: Intake Forms & Intake Flows

What is the difference between an intake form and an intake flow? 

You need both to set up your Intake form system within Healthie. Here's the difference.

An intake form is a specific form (health information form, HIPAA agreement, privacy policy) that you need to build for a client to complete.

An intake flow is a SERIES of forms and agreements that together create the sequence of documents that a client completes. An intake flow is automatically sent to your client when they first sign in, to complete. 

Once a client begins to fill out these forms you will get an email notification as well as an additional email when they have completed all intake forms. 

In Healthie, you can have multiple intake flows. Some use cases for this:

- You have a few different types of services and want clients to fill out specific forms for each service

- You do discovery sessions and don't want your client to fill out a ton of paperwork so you've created a streamlined intake flow for potential clients 

This video provides an in-depth walkthrough of intake forms and flows.