November 2020: Release Notes

Platform release notes: November 2020. Learn what new changes to the Healthie platform and mobile app that both providers and clients can expect to see. With new releases each week, make the most of Healthie's new features by bookmarking this help article and checking back frequently! 

November Releases:

Client Packages

  • Ability to copy a package
  • Improvements to the "Included Items" section of creating a package. We have updated the design for this section as well as added a new setting that will allow you to make booking an appointment required while purchasing a package. Learn more


Healthie's Credits System makes it easy to track how many sessions a client has purchased and has remaining at any given time. For providers. We've added more tool-tips (info icons) to Healthie and a pop-up guide to help you learn more about using Healthie's credit system. 

From the "Credits" section of your client's profile, you'll now also see a "Settings" wheel. Clicking this wheel will display a "Credits & Insurance" settings panel. You can enable or disable to following settings for each client: 

  • Allow booking without credits 
  • Restore credits when an appointment is cancelled 
  • Track insurance authorization on client profile 

To learn more about Healthie Credits and these settings, visit our help article here.

New Form Fields: Client allergies/sensitivities 

Healthie's Form Builder allows you to add specific fields to your electronic paperwork. Fields have been added for: 

  • Allergy (food & non-food) 
  • Food sensitivity/Intolerance  
  • Food preferences

These fields can be added to any intake form, charting form, program form, assessments, and survey -- data collected from forms will automatically populate within your client's profile & store within their EHR. Revisit your client's profile at any time to review their food allergy details. Learn more


A new "testing" box will now appear to help both clinicians and clients actively test audio and video connection prior to launching their telehealth call. If there are any issues detected, Healthie will help prompt to give the correct permissions to camera/audio as needed. This will help to ensure that telehealth sessions are launched with the best experience possible. Learn more

Phone Sessions

Through Healthie appointments, you have the ability to set a contact type as a "Phone" call. Healthie phone sessions are not conducted through the platform. Hence, you will need to indicate your preference for how phone calls will be initiated:  

  1. If the client should call you OR 
  2. If you will call the client 

You can now indicate your preference for conducting phone sessions on each appointment that you've created in your settings. Learn how to do so here

Client Sent Notifications History

To help you save time and resources in your business, Healthie helps to automate back-office tasks. Healthie's intuitively (and automatically) sends notifications to your clients, such as email and SMS appointment reminders, appointment confirmations, purchase confirmations, and more. 

To help you oversee your record of sent client notifications, we have introduced a specific section within your client-profile that lists all such records. Learn More

Chat with Group Appointment Participants

By navigating to your calendar and clicking on a group appointment, you'll now see the option to quickly create/launch a Community Chat conversation with participants

New Documents Filters

Clients and providers can now easily sort through their documents with a new added sort filter for "Type." A drop-down will display allowing you to sort by any files you have, including: 

  • Images (GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG)
  • PDF's
  • Text (DOC, RTF, TXT
  • Video (MP4, MPG)
  • Presentations (PPS, PPT)
  • Spreadsheets (CSV, XLS)
  • Other

Additional Updates

  • Minor bug fixes. 
  • Improved Calendar speed and performance. 
  • Ability for organization admins to give/deny permissions to specific team members to merge clients
  • Faster load time of Program modules on the Healthie mobile app. 
  • Improved safeguards for Healthie's Eating Disorder Setting. When this setting is enabled for your account, providers will not be able to turn "turn on" tracking for sensitive client-facing settings (like weight and BMI) unless the ED setting is disabled. 
  • When a new client is added to a group, they will automatically be added into the Group Chat for the group (if one exists) 

Past and Planned Updates

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