December 2020: Release Notes

Platform release notes: December 2020. Learn what new changes to the Healthie platform and mobile app that both providers and clients can expect to see. With new releases each week, make the most of Healthie's new features by bookmarking this help article and checking back frequently! 

December Releases:

Chat Redesign

As part of a larger redesign of Healthie's Chat Feature, you'll notice several design improvements and new capabilities: 

  • Access to client "Quick Profile" which has replaced the right-hand side panel of the Chat page 
  • Improvements to the layout and display of chat messages 
    • Archive & add participants option is now located to the top-right of the Chat page 
    • "Chat settings" icon is now located at the top of the Chat page
    • Message tool bar options (attach a video, document, or image) is now located below the chat box within a specific chat message.
  • Clearer indication of what happens after you click "Message Blast" > prompting you to type your message & send to participants. 
  • Easier understanding of which conversations are "read" versus "unread." Your "unread" conversations will now appear with a blue indicator next to them. Once you click on the conversation, it is automatically marked as "read" and the blue indicator will disappear. 

Upcoming releases planned for Chat:  

  • Ability to customize the message shown to clients when chat has been disabled.
  • Ability for providers to see an indicator of whether the recipient of their chat message has 'seen' it (Note: Clients will NOT see this notification at this time. Only providers will be able to see if clients/recipients have viewed their message) 
  • Upcoming ability to schedule the sending of a message

Improved Program Experience for Clients 

Once enrolled into a Program, clients will now see clearer prompts on how to complete a module, or move on to the next module. Learn more about your clients' experience with programs

Easier Zoom Webinar Access for Clients 

Recently, Zoom has released a security update that requires webinar hosts to "admit" all participants from a waiting room. While this feature was designed to prevent unwanted participants from joining calls, it also serves as an inconvenience, especially for those hosting large amounts of participants. As Healthie directly integrates with HIPAA-compliant Zoom, this feature automatically applied to webinars hosted by Healthie community members. 

Our team has released a solution that prioritizes safety while also preventing the manual admittance work required by hosts. In our latest update, all Zoom meeting details will now include a password, which is automatically included in the URL link. Healthie clients joining a webinar or group video chat session click the "Join" link and are automatically given secure admittance to the session. 

Questions? Email us at 

Documents Visibility Permissions 

When uploading a document to a client's chart, you'll now see a prompt asking you to make it "visible" or "not visible" to the client. This will ensure that documents you wish to keep private, are not shared directly with the client. 

Learn more about document's within a client's profile here.

Credit History 

Gain a better understanding of your client's credit usage. In our latest update to the Healthie Credits System, when you navigate to a client's profile and click on a credit number, a side-panel will display showing you a timeline of your client's credit. You'll see when they purchased a package containing this credit, or booked a sessions for the credit. You'll also be able to understand why a client may have negative credits. 

Some ways that clients can earn/spend credits: 

  • Purchased a package 
  • Scheduled an appointment or booked an event 
  • Manually had their credits adjusted by their wellness provider 

Learn more about tracking your client's credits here.

12.13.20 & 12.20.20 Mobile Releases 

A new release on mobile has gone live for improve capability and experience on the mobile app. In general, the updates that have gone live are aimed at improving the clients experience, from easier booking to improved logging of metrics, journals, activity and more. 

  • Improved screen sharing experience for client's using an Android device (when a provider shares their screen during a telehealth call) 
  • "Useful Links" section of the Home screen on mobile for clients has been updated, and is now called "Current Tasks." Here clients will see quick links/prompts to complete important steps such as fill out forms, review documents, and complete programs that they are enrolled in. 
  • For clients during the booking experience on a mobile app, they will now see a clearer display of the different contact types available for a session (phone, telehealth, in-peson) -- making it clearer for them to select their preference. 
  • Smoother logging of metrics and activity from the mobile app for clients. 
  • Ability for clients to "edit" a published journal entry from the mobile app, and add or change a picture. 
  • Enhanced experience for clients posting images of themselves (selfies), where they are prompted to indicate which area of the body they are posting. 
  • Enhanced experience for clients posting an activity or a metric, with icons/images for corresponding activity types/metrics. 
  • Faster loading of conversations list in "Chat" tab 
  • Improve design of "Sessions" details. When viewing an upcoming appointment/session in Healthie, the sessions details are now clearer to understand. If the session is designated as a phone call, a "Call" button is an easy tap away & it is clear to understand if the provider or client is supposed to initiate the call. 
  • Improvements to the home-screen display for new iOS devices
  • Ability to set Task Reminders from the mobile app as well as Task Due Dates. Learn more here

Enhanced Care Plan Capabilities 

Care Plans make it easy for providers to share recommendations, resources, and goals with a client. 

  • Ability to preview a Care Plan prior to making it "live" for a client. This allows healthcare providers to see a version of their created Care Plan, as a client would see it. 
  • Ability for provides to save a Care Plan as a PDF
  • Ability for clients to print their Care Plan or save as a PDF

To preview your save a Care Plan as a PDF, navigate to a client's profile > Care Plans > click the actions tab (three dots) next the plan. From the drop down, select "Preview" or "Save"

New "Note" Journaling Feature

Journaling is a powerful way to track clients' progress and engage with them directly. To further enhance Healthie's journaling feature, we've added a new category: Notes. 

Notes offers a free-text way for clients to log their thoughts, progress, reflections, symptoms, and more. Providers will see "Notes" entries directly in their feed, alongside food journal entries, metrics posts, and activity logs. Comment directly on a Notes entry to give real-time feedback and support to your clients. 

By default, Notes is turned off for all of your clients. You can enable Notes for all of your clients, a group of clients, or a specific client by navigating to your Client Settings > Notes > Check the settings boxes (see below) > Save.

Learn more about Note journaling here

Organization Calendar Updates

  • Ability to change the order of providers within your Organization Calendar. To rearrange the order of your members, go to "Organization" > Members > use the blue arrows to rearrange a member's position on the list 
  • Ability to select which organization members you'd like to filter/view from the Organization Calendar. Previously you could select a single team member, or see all team members. This update will allow for an improved experience when viewing the Organization Calendar. Learn more here

Task Reminders 

When creating a new task via Healthie Tasks, you'll now see the option to "Add Reminder" (if you give the task a due date). Choose if you'd like to be reminded: 

  • 2 days before the task due date 
  • 1 day before the task due date 
  • On the due date of your task 

At 8am (local time) you'll receive an email notification reminding you of the upcoming task. If your task was assigned to a team member, they will receive the notification. Learn more here

Clear a Signature When e-Signing 

We get it, you may not always get the perfect signature on the first try when e-signing. To make life easier, you (or your clients) can easily reset your signature. Click the "reset" option above the signature field. Your signature will clear, and you can sign again. Click "OK" when you're happy with your signature. 

Additional Updates

  • Minor bug fixes
  • When a provider needs to update their bank account info in order to keep on receiving payments via Stripe, a banner will appear within Healthie to notify you. 
  • Easier tracking for clients who have cancelled their attendance to a group appointment. Learn more
  • Improvements to embedded packages display on mobile app 
  • Ability for clients to download a PDF-version of a form that they've completed. 
  • Ability to view a client's local time within their profile (based on the client's time Zone). Visible within your client's Quick Profile
  • Ability to view a client's location within their profile. Visible within your client's Quick Profile
  • Warning display when scheduling a recurring appointment that conflicts with already scheduled appointments -- which will allow you to either stop scheduling the new appointment, or to continue anyways. 
  • Modifications to the display of metrics graphs, including updates to ensure data points and dates are clearly aligned. 
  • Update of the "Height" field in forms. Instead of displaying "inches," the field will now read "feet" and "inches"

Past and Planned Updates

View all updates from last month here

See planned product updates on our Product Roadmap

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