Zoom: Share Video Recordings

Healthie's integration with Zoom enables providers to conduct HIPAA-compliant group video chats, host webinars, and record sessions to subsequently share with clients. Additionally, other video recordings can be stored and/or shared within Healthie. 

Video Hosting Options

In order to share your Zoom or video recording, you'll need to host your video within Healthie or to a video hosting platform such a Youtube, Loom, or Vimeo

You can learn more about video hosting here

Video Sharing Options

If you've hosted your video within Healthie, it can be directly shared with a client by adding it to your Documents library. 

If it is a private video (ie. a session recording), we recommend that you compress the video as a .zip file and then upload it to the Client's Documents. Compressing the video file is recommended as only videos under 50MB can be uploaded within Healthie. 

URL Sharing Options

If you've hosted your video outside of Healthie, then you will be able to obtain a unique sharing link for the video. Following the hosting site directions on visibility (ie. making a video private). Once you have your sharing link, you can send it to your client within Healthie via: 

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