Clients Checking in for their Appointment

After setting up your Healthie account, you are ready to start working with clients. Clients can access their Healthie Client Portal from both the web browser and the mobile app, available for iOS and Android. It's the same website login, and app, that you use as a clinician, but clients will use their own email and password to log in. 

This article covers best practices when meeting with your client(s) for the first time. 

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Tips for Checking in Your Clients

1. Confirm Client Portal Access

When a client purchases a package, books an appointment, or is manually added by a healthcare provider, they automatically have a Healthie Client account created for them. In most cases, clients receive an email, inviting them to log into their account by creating a password.

2. Adjust the Appointment Status to Occurred 

From your Calendar, you can click on the appointment and adjust the status to "Occurred." This can help with keeping accurate track of all of your appointments, and will tie into your Appointments Report. 

3. Review Intake Paperwork 

When you have your onboarding flows set up, typically providers will opt to have a flow of intake forms send to a new client, for electronic completion prior to their initial session. As part of your initial session, you may want to review these forms with your client, to ensure that have been completed. If there is a missing form, or incomplete forms, providers have the option to skip or complete this form during the session. 

4. Review Billing Items

You may prefer to save billing discussions for the end of your session, but some providers like to discuss billing at the beginning of an initial session, to avoid any misunderstanding. You can collect clients payment information, photo id card (ie. drivers's license) and insurance information in advance along with their intake forms. Clients can also electronically sign waivers (ie. Financial Agreements) in advance. You can review that all required documents are completed, and financial terms understood. 

Payment can also be collected at the time of service if preferred.  

5. Download & Review the Mobile App Together

Our data shows that clients prefer to access their account from a mobile device. You may want to take a few minutes to review the basics of the app before your session ends. This can include walking through how a client can send a chat message, log an entry, view upcoming appointments, book a new appointment, and access or upload documents. 

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