Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Telehealth

We wish you and your clients health and safety during this period of uncertainty. We have put together a guide on how you can leverage your Healthie telehealth and client engagement platform to provide client care during this time.


We hope this guide to navigating Telehealth & Coronavirus is useful to you, as you navigate this changing climate and its impact on your business.

Part 1: Communicating with your clients

We recommend communicating with your clients as quickly as possible to update them on changes in business/cancellation policies, your availability, and how you are accessible to them

  • Send clients a Message Blast (bcc chat message) - this will initiate a chat within Healthie for clients to see. Clients will get an e-mail and push notification that you have sent them a new message.
  • Announce that you're now offering virtual services. You can leverage our Telehealth Media Kit for social posts that you can use across your social media platforms. 
  • Update your email confirmations & reminders within the platform (e.g., to let clients know to reschedule if they are experiencing any symptoms)
  • Add a COVID-19 Screening Tool to your intake flow, to screen for client symptoms prior to a session. Looking for a template? E-mail and our team will add this to your account. 

Here is sample text you can modify: 

“In light of recent development of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our region, as of March 14th, we will be conducting all consultations virtually via phone or Healthie Telehealth until further notice. Our office has made this decision out of an abundance of caution and to keep our community safe. We urge our clients to practice good hygiene, maintain healthy habits, and stay vigilant. If you have any questions, please message me. If you have an in-person appointment scheduled, we will be sending you instructions to access our session virtually.”

Part 2: Introducing & Expanding Telehealth services in your care

Here are some resources to help you launch and expand telehealth (virtual care) services:

Resources for your business

Resources for your clients

Part 3: Ways to engage with your clients virtually

Providing virtual care can extend beyond phone or video sessions. We recommend taking advantage of other features available in your Healthie account to continue to support and engage with your clients. Here are some additional virtual offerings available through Healthie: 

  1. Create an online wellness program
  2. Host a webinar for prospective and existing clients
  3. Connect with clients via Chat using one-on-one and group capabilities 
  4. Offer additional accountability/support services by commenting on food journal & workout logs
  5. E-Share handouts & resources for ongoing client education

Part 4: Insurance reimbursement for telehealth

Many insurance companies are covering services conducted via Telehealth at an unprecedented scale and expanding Parity Laws. Here are some steps to take:

  • Call each insurance company you are credentialed with to confirm that telehealth services are reimbursable (by client)
    • You’ll need to specify a client’s insurance plan, CPT-codes, and other information required for a typical eligibility check
    • There will be dependencies based on: State, Physician approval required, ICD-10 diagnoses, etc.
  • Use a telehealth place of service code when completing the CMS 1500 form (E.g., Location 02 - Telehealth) - in almost all instances, the rest of the CMS 1500 form will be the same as a session conducted in person.
  • Other resources:

We are optimistic that one long-term benefit of this shift towards virtual care, happening today out of necessity, will only strengthen the core foundation of having telehealth reimbursement and coverage for wellness services mainstream in our country. 

We wish you and your clients the best during this period of uncertainty. 

We’re here to help - please e-mail us: if you have any account-specific questions we can assist with, and join our Daily Live Webinars on Telehealth & Healthie

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