January 2021: Release Notes

Platform release notes: January 2021. Learn what new changes to the Healthie platform and mobile app that both providers and clients can expect to see. With new releases each week, make the most of Healthie's new features by bookmarking this help article and checking back frequently! 

January Releases:

Video call waiting room 

A new setting has been added that will allow you to enable "Zoom Waiting Rooms" for all Zoom appointments created within Healthie. To enable this setting

  • Navigate to "Settings" (gear icon located at the top-right of your Provider account) 
  • From the menu select Calendar > Appointments 
  • Scroll to the "Confirmations & Cancellations" settings section > Click edit (pencil icon) 
  • Toggle on the setting "Use Zoom Waiting Rooms" > Save changes 

When enabled, clients will join a virtual waiting room prior to being able to join a call -- which will allow the host then to launch the session and admit the client(s) when ready. Learn more about Waiting Rooms here.

Allow Prioritization for Certain Org Members

Org members can now adjust the priority of different providers in the org. If the two members have the same availability slot, the member with the higher priority will be scheduled with first.

  • Navigate to "Settings" (gear icon located at the top-right of your Provider account) > Select "Organization" 
  • From the top menu bar, toggle over to "Members" 
  • Click edit for a member, in the top section of basic details, you'll now see a field for "Scheduling Priority" -- edit each member to give them the priority number you'd like (ie. if you have 5 team members, you can rank each member 1-5). 

Want this feature enabled for your organization? Email us hello@gethealthie.com

Linking Client Accounts 

In a series of ongoing updates to improve family support within Healthie, a new release allows providers to link client accounts. 

Providers can indicate if a linked account is an adult/child account, the relationship, set them as an emergency contact, and more. See all details here

Subsequent planned releases will include the ability to: 

  • Give someone certain access to an account that they’re linked to, such as for a parent to handle billing for a child’s account
  • Restrict someone’s access to certain features within their own account, such as a child not seeing anything related to billing within their account

1.4.21 Mobile Release

A new release on mobile has gone live for improve capability and experience on the mobile app, including: 

  • Addition of Notes logging to the mobile app. Notes offers a free-text way for clients to log their thoughts, progress, reflections, symptoms, and more. Providers will see "Notes" entries directly in their feed, alongside food journal entries, metrics posts, and activity logs. Comment directly on a Notes entry to give real-time feedback and support to your clients. 
  • Ability to download a document within Healthie onto your mobile device. Learn more about utilizing Documents from the mobile app. 

New Client Portal Settings 

In some cases, you may want to restrict a client from accessing certain aspects of their client portal. For example, perhaps in a child account, you would not like them to access the "Billing" tab. 

With our latest update, providers can now customize which aspects of the client portal will display for a client. This is customizable on a per-client basis. 

To access:

Navigate to a client's profile within Healthie > Actions > Settings > Client Portal Settings

Learn more about Client Portal Settings

Better Organization Of Client Forms 

Providers can request clients to complete forms by either creating an Intake Flow (for automatic) form completion, or by directly sending a client a form request. To help better indicate a forms completion status, tabs have been added within both provider and client accounts. These tabs looks different in both accounts, as indicated below. 

Forms section within a Client's Profile > Forms > View Client Forms (from provider account): 

  • All Forms 
  • Intake Flow forms 
  • Requested forms

Forms view from client account: 

  • All forms 
  • Not started/incomplete forms 
  • Completed/skipped forms

Easier Booking Experience For Clients 

When booking an appointment, if a client selects a day that has no availability, the calendar will intuitively display the soonest date/time available. This will save clients time and improve their overall booking experience. 

Clients Can Gift Packages 

Do you want to allow contacts to purchase a package as a gift for a friend or family member? 

With our latest update to Packages, you'll find a new setting that allows you to enable specific packages to be gifted. Learn more

Care Plan Templates

Healthie's Care Plans feature enables providers and organizations to apply common protocols and methods of care to clients, while still facilitating the customization/personalization that may happen on a per-client basis. Within a Care Plan, you can add wellness recommendations, upload documents for clients to access, automatically set goals, and more. 

By saving a Care Plan as a template, you'll have the ability to quickly apply a created Care Plan to another client. Your templates save in a digital library, and essentially enable you to have share your standard treatment recommendations & protocols. For solo practitioners and group practices, apart from saving time, Care Plan templates create a standardization of care recommendations. 

Learn how to create a Care Plan template

Additional Updates

Past and Planned Updates

View all updates from last month here

See planned product updates on our Product Roadmap

Have a feature request for our team? You can share your requests by emailing us at hello@gethealthie.com or by adding/voting for your requests on Feature Upvote

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