May 2022: Release Notes

Platform release notes: May 2022. Learn what new changes to the Healthie platform and mobile app that both providers and clients can expect to see. With new releases each week, make the most of Healthie's new features by bookmarking this help article and checking back frequently.


Easier Navigation for Sub-Organization Accounts

Healthie's multi-provider capabilities enable organizations to share resources, collaborate across clients, and maintain custom permissions surrounding core business needs to streamline operations, promote cross-collaboration, and offer coordinated care to clients. 

As part of our web white-label, Healthie can set up an additional administrative layer to your account, for advanced administrative purposes. 

Forthcoming updates will allow account admins of Main Accounts to further manage sub-organization accounts, including: 

  • The ability to self-add a new sub-organization
  • More insights into which sub-organization is being viewed by an account admin. 

Redesign of the Team Member's Page [Ongoing] 

A larger redesign for the Team Member's page is underway. This restructured page is planned to display more information for each team member at a glance.

Forthcoming updates will display new columns on this main overview page, showing each team member's:
  • Profession
  • Specialty 
  • State(s) they are licensed in
  • Locations they work at (for organizations with multiple locations)

Additionally, we will be adding in the functionality to add "tags" to team members, which will improve team member management and associated workflows (akin to client tags)

Show/Hide Synced Event Details in Healthie Calendar 

Healthie's Organization Calendar enables each member of an organization to view the schedule and availability of other providers in an organization. Providers can choose to sync their other/personal Google Calendars with Healthie to make it easy to manage and align your schedule in one place. 

Providers can now choose to control what information displays within Healthie's shared calendar for their synced events (ie. events that are pulling into Healthie from your other/personal Google Calendar).

When this setting is enabled, event details from Google Calendar will be visible in your calendar in Healthie (ie. the event name) and team members may see this information (if you are part of an organization). When this setting is disabled, synced events will only show as “Busy”. This will allow the time to be blocked within your Healthie calendar, and for others to see that you are unavailable, without seeing the particulars of your personal event. 

Access this setting:

  • Settings > External Sync 
  • Pull In Event Details > Toggle On or Off

Note: Clients cannot see any information about events on your calendar.

Improved Clarify for Failed & Retried Payments 

If a client payment has failed to process, a failed payment notification is visible from the Billing > Payments Page. 

When a provider retries the payment, a new instance of the payment is created. From the Payments Page, this retried payment will be clearly stated, and a status of "Retry" will be visible. When tracking client payments, you'll now be able to determine if a charge was retried, and if it was successful (or failed again). 
Learn more about Managing Failed Payments

View Upcoming "Scheduled" Client Packages 

When charging a client for a client package, providers have the option to select a date in the future. This will prevent the client from being charged for this package until that future date. 

To help provide more insights for upcoming packages/payments, this upcoming client package charge is now visible: 

  • In the Client's Profile > Packages section of the Overview Page
  • In the Client's Quick Profile 

Smart Phrases Available in Healthie Chat 

Smart Phrases are go-to phrases, recommendations, and responses that you can save, and quickly apply while charting. This feature is designed to help improve the speed and accuracy of charting, and now with Healthie Chat as well. 

You'll see the same shortcut icon for Smart Phrases, and be able to pull from the same internal repository of phrases (that you've created for your account). Search or scroll to find your Smart Phrase. You can also "Create Smart Phrase" to directly add your phrase while remaining within your Chat conversation. 

Learn more

Save & Close versus Sign & Lock Notes

Healthie's Charting Feature enables you to save, sign, and lock your charting notes. 

The drop-down options for Saving a charting note now offers: 

  • Save and Close
  • Sign and Lock 

After a chart note has been locked, they can be edited solely through a Chart Note Addendum

On hover, the timestamp for a locked note will display. 

Group Charting Notes

For group appointments, providers now have the option to create a group charting note. Group charting allows provider to save time documenting sessions for couples, families, support groups, and more. 

Group Chart Notes in Healthie enables: 

  • The creation of a single (editable) charting note documenting a multi-client sessions 
  • The ability to simultaneously add notes for each individual client in attendance 

Get Started with Group Charting

Additional Updates

  • Minor bug fixes
  • NPI number now optional (not required) when creating a Service Facility for insurance billing.  
  • Ability to remove a diagnosis code after it has been added to a Healthie charting note or form. 

Past and Planned Updates

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See planned product updates on our Product Roadmap

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