March 2022: Release Notes

Platform release notes: March 2022. Learn what new changes to the Healthie platform and mobile app that both providers and clients can expect to see. With new releases each week, make the most of Healthie's new features by bookmarking this help article and checking back frequently.


New Form Field: Opt-in to Marketing Communications

Outside of transactional information related to a client's account, providers can receive consent to contact clients with newsletters, general practice updates or news, and promotional offers. This optional consent, can be captured by adding a field to an intake form, for clients to complete during onboarding. 

This field can be found in the Client Info section of the Questions Bank > Opt in to receive updates and special offers

Your client's response to this opt-in will be added to their profile, and clients can self-adjust this response by going to the notifications section of their account. Clients can also indicate their preference for email or SMS text notifications. 

Providers cannot opt-in on behalf of their client, or change this selection. This opt-in is not intended to relate to clients' permissions for transactional account updates (ie. appointment emails, confirmations, receipts for payments, etc). This is purely optional, and intended to be used only if the provider wishes to contact the client 

This is part of a larger update to bring a new suite of marketing features to Healthie. While you can currently use this consent to email your client outside of Healthie, we plan to enable providers to use Healthie directly to send email marketing messages. This update is planned for early 2022. Learn more.

Sortable Columns for a Client's List of Forms 

Sorting options have been added within the Client's Profile > Charting > View Forms, to help providers more easily sort and locate a form. 

By default, the forms in each tab are sorted by the " Status" column, in the following order from top to bottom:

  • Completed
  • Incomplete
  • Not Started
  • Skipped

When the forms are sorted by the " Type" column, the forms are listed in the following order from top to bottom

  • Intake type
  • Program type
  • Charting type

When the forms are sorted by the " Name" column, the forms are listed in alphanumeric order from top to bottom by default

When the forms are sorted by the " Date" column, the most recent date are at the top by default

Failed Client Notifications

To help you save time and resources in your business, Healthie helps to automate back-office tasks. Healthie intuitively (and automatically) sends notifications to your clients, such as email and SMS appointment reminders, appointment confirmations, purchase confirmations, and more. 

If an SMS and/or email has failed to be delivered, a red notification circle will appear in the client's profile, as a way to notify the provider.

Click the Notifications History link to display the side panel, and filter by status " Bounced" to review all failed notifications. 

A status of Bounced will indicate that the SMS and/or email was not able to be delivered to the client. Mostly commonly, this is related to an incorrect phone or email address. You can update a client's contact information at any time by navigating to Actions > Client Info > Information. 

Marketing Tab & Announcements to Clients 

Healthie is in the process of releasing a new "Marketing" section of the product, which is a suite of tools & automations that will help business owners increase the number of sessions booked and services purchased from clients within Healthie.

Providers will now see a Marketing tab in the main navigation, and the ability to access the first marketing feature, Announcements. 

Healthie's Announcements feature allows you to promote anything that you'd like to share with clients, within the Healthie platform (web and mobile app), and you are able to customize your announcements per client group. Let clients know about upcoming services, promotions, events, or make important office announcements (ie. change in hours, closures, etc). 

Announcements feature is free on all paid plans. 

Create your first announcement

Close a Chat Conversation

In addition to archiving a chat conversation, providers now have the option to close a conversation from web or the Healthie mobile app.

When a conversation is closed, clients will see that the conversation has been ended, and will not be able to add any replies. Closing a chat is ideal for ending a community group chat or discontinuing an individual client from continuing to message. However, closing a chat does not disable Chat for a client, this can be done within the client's settings.

Archive or Close a Conversation.

Ability to Search Smart Phrases

A search function has been added when clicking the Smart Phrase icon in charting. This will allow providers to quickly search for, and apply, past created Smart Phrases. 

Learn more about Smart Phrases

Additional Updates

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Preventing Office Ally from overwriting a claim status of Sent in Healthie, when the provider has manually updated the status. 
  • An unsubscribe option has been added to the bottom of Program emails, allowing clients to directly unsubscribe from these notifications if preferred. 
  • Update to how macronutrients are calculated when using Nutrient Tracking.  
  • Ability for providers to switch from a free trial, to a free Starter Plan
  • Scheduled payments will no longer show in the Client's Profile under "Last Payment Made" to prevent confusion. Providers can view scheduled payments by going to the client's billing tab > Payments. 

Past and Planned Updates

View all updates from last month here

See planned product updates on our Product Roadmap

Have a feature request for our team? You can share your requests by emailing us at or by adding/voting for your requests on Feature Upvote.

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