June 2022: Release Notes

Platform release notes: June 2022. Learn what new changes to the Healthie platform and mobile app that both providers and clients can expect to see. With new releases each week, make the most of Healthie's new features by bookmarking this help article and checking back frequently.


Share Smart Phrases with Team Members

Smart Phrases are go-to phrases, recommendations, and responses that you can save, and quickly apply while charting. This feature is designed to help improve the speed and accuracy of charting, as well as with Healthie Chat.  

Organization admins have the ability to set permissions on a per team member basis. When enabled, team members can share their smart phrases with other members of the team.

Learn more about Smart Phrases

Comprehensive Care Team Member Settings 

Healthie's Care Teams feature enables multiple providers within an organization to be associated with a single client. Notably, there will be the forthcoming ability for admins to control Care Team permissions for each team member. A breakdown of the additional Care Team settings that will be available in subsequent releases: 

  • [Live] "Can be added as a Care Team member" - when this setting is enabled for a provider (even a support role), they can be added as a Care Team member to any client's account within the organization. 
  • [Live] "Has Chat conversation automatically created with client" - when added as a Care Team member to a client's account, the client will see this member as an option to Chat with
  • [Pending Release] "Clients can schedule sessions with this org member" - when added as a Care Team member to a client's account, the client will see this member as an option to book with
  • [Pending Release] "Is notified of client activity" - team member is notified of client activity when added as a Care Team member to their account 

Pronouns Field Added to Form Builder 

At Healthie, we believe that diversity and inclusivity are critical in healthcare.

A Pronouns field has been added to Healthie's Form Builder, and can now be added to any intake or charting form within Healthie. 

When the form is completed either by a client or their provider (charting note, or intake form), the client's profile will automatically be updated with the client's pronoun selections. 

As a quick update, we will also be adding the ability for clients to enter a custom pronoun value.

Learn more about Gender, Gender Identity, and Pronouns

NEW: Health Records Section of Client Portal 

Clients will now see a new tab within their portal, called Health Records. Health Records is a new section of the account intended to give clients more visibility into their account and care. 

In a first of several releases, client medications will now display in their Health Records section. This will allow clients to see any medications that their provider has added to their client profile. 

Same Day Appointment Reminders 

Healthie's Calendar is designed to improve workflows, automate communication to clients, and streamline scheduling for your business. With over 25 appointment settings, your calendar can be customized to ensure that workflows are meeting your business needs. 

One benefit of Healthie's Calendar includes automated appointment reminders, via email and/or SMS Text messaging. Automated appointment confirmations and reminders ensure that clients are aware of their upcoming appointments, and reduces no-show rates. 

Frequency (select any combination of options):  

  • One hour before (New!) 
  • Two hours before (New!) 
  • One day before 
  • Two days before 
  • Three days before 
  • Four days before

Note: Same-day appointment reminders will send for appointments as long as the appointment was booked in time for that specific reminder (either one or two hours prior to the start). Example, if an appointment is booked for 30 minutes from now, an appointment confirmation email will be sent, but not an appointment reminder. 

Learn More: Appointment Reminders to Clients

Improvements to Diagnosis Fields 

A series of improvements have gone live that make it easier to manage diagnoses from a CMS 1500 form, Intake/Charting form and/or a Client's Profile. 

1. In "Form Builder", CMS 1500 form, and Client Profile, the "Diagnosis" field in the "Client Info" bank now includes the following:

  • Active checkbox
  • Onset Date
  • End Date

2. When a diagnosis is set to active, the end date field is automatically disabled.

3. Providers can dynamically add more diagnosis codes by clicking "Add Diagnosis"  

4. Pressing the "Delete Icon" will remove the diagnosis.

Learn more: 

Diagnosis Details in Client Profile & Charting

Claim Forms: Diagnoses

Additional Updates

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improved loading of client packages on provider's Packages page. 
  • Improved guidance on syncing calendars with Healthie. 
  • Chat Autoresponder now visible to all team members in an organization (no longer depending on permissions/settings for the team member). 
  • Additional guidance when disconnecting a synced calendar. 
  • The "View Calendar" link on the homepage will no longer appear for support team members, they will only see the Organization Calendar.
  • For Support members, when the "Add New Appointment" button is pressed in the homepage/dashboard, the "Create Appointment' drawer will have a "Provider" dropdown, similar to when creating from the Organization Calendar. 
  • Improvements to Loom video embeds.

Past and Planned Updates

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