Provider Implementation Guide: Healthie


This guide is intended for Providers working alongside our organizations to successfully utilize Healthie. This guide outlines best practices to help you get started, learn Healthie, and optimize your use of the platform to build relationships with your clients and improve the efficiency of your day to day workflow. 

We recommend reading through this guide, watching our getting started videos, and joining our live classes (small group sessions) to meet with colleagues and learn the details of the system. Bookmark this overview, as you will continue to reference this overview as you learn Healthie.

About Healthie and Logging in

Healthie is a cloud-based, web and mobile platform for health and wellness professionals and the organizations they work with.

If you have received an invite from your account administrator, you will be asked to set a password. Your username is your e-mail address. You will then automatically have access to core Healthie features: Calendaring, Documents, Intake Forms, Client Profiles, Chat (including internal chats for your organization), and more. 

We recommend viewing Healthie University videos to get familiar with the platform. 

Healthie Privacy and Security

Healthie is HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR Compliant. Healthie Security and Privacy Overview here. 

Importing data into Healthie

If you are interested in importing data from your existing platform to Healthie, please review this guide: Import data from another platform

Back-office capabilities

Engaging with clients

E-mail requirements

Healthie sends out dozens of e-mail notifications on your organization's behalf. Learn more.

Depending on your organization's specific workflow, it is often helpful to create a generic for notification centralization. If you have a generic e-mail, please reach out, so we can attach this to your Healthie e-mail account.  

Adding Healthie to your company website

Healthie Calendar & Packages can be added to a company website. Details below:

Compatible browsers

Please review our Browser compatibility guide for recommendations and best practices

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