Re-opening your office: Checklist & Best Practices

We look forward to supporting you as you seek to re-open your office and/or transition to a hybrid in-person & virtual business. After releasing our COVID Guide, we have put together a guide on how you can leverage your Healthie platform to offer in-person and virtual sessions to continue building relationships with your clients. We hope this guide is helpful as you navigate your business re-opening strategy. 


Part 1: Communicate your re-opening with your clients

We recommend communicating with your clients that you are re-opening your office, update them on changes in business/cancellation policies, your availability, and how you are accessible to them 

Here is sample text you can modify: 

“We are thrilled to share that as of July 15, we will be re-opening our offices. In addition to continuing to offer remote care via phone or Healthie Telehealth, you can now book in-person sessions with our team. Please note, that we encourage you to follow CDC guidelines, and stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. We have implemented cleanliness and sanitation measures in our office, and we urge our clients to practice good hygiene, maintain healthy habits, and stay vigilant. If you have any questions, please message me. Here is a link [INSERT LINK} that you can use to book an in-person session with our team." 

Part 2: Adjust your calendar & packages for in-person services

When resuming in-person sessions, you'll want to review both your appointment types and your packages. Below, we walk through a few important considerations as you do-so. 

Set up an in-person appointment type or adjust the contact types 

Your appointment types are essentially your session/service offerings. Healthie enables you to dictate how your sessions can occur: in-person, video call, or phone. If you edited all of your sessions to be virtual during Covid, it's a good time to review your appointment types & update the forms of contact. 

Access your appointment types by navigating to Gear Icon > Settings > Appointment Types

Review your appointment types and adjust the "contact" type. Click the actions tab (three dots) to edit your appointment type > check the "building" icon to indicate an in-person session. You may also want to check that your appointment is "bookable" for clients, if you'd like to clients to be able to self-book in-person services. On booking, clients will see 

 If you'd like your appointment to be bookable by clients, ensure that the "Bookable" setting is enabled for the appointment type. 

When booking, your client will see the contact type(s) available for the session, and can confirm their selection. Here is an example of an initial consultation that can be booked by a client, either as a video call or in-person session. 

If you prefer, you can also create a NEW appointment type called “In-person Consultation” with the contact type "in-person" selected. This could help to reduce client confusion when booking, as they'll know from the beginning of the booking process that they are choosing an in-person service. 

To share your booking link with clients, you can either: 

Create an client package for in-person (or hybrid) services 

Through Healthie, providers can add services (including appointments) to a package, and set the payment terms. This is a great way to either sell a single service, or a bundle of services. 

Create a Client Package called “In-person Consultation" and include 1+ appointments to your package. 

To share your package with clients, you'll need to Generate a package link. This will allow clients to purchase the service, and book their first appointment in the same flow. 

Change the location of your session(s) from virtual to in-person

If you have upcoming appointments in-person on your calendar, you can change the contact type within the Appointment to be “In-person" and indicate your Office Locations and/or Rooms

You may need to edit the appointment type first, to ensure that “In person” is selected

Part 3: Offer a hybrid of in-person and virtual services

Some of your clients may prefer to continue working with you virtually, or, engage in a hybrid model, combining your in-person and virtual offering. Great! With Healthie, you can provide a continuous, seamless, hybrid offering. We recommend continuing to take advantage of virtual engagement features available in your Healthie account, even after you resume in-person services. Here are some virtual offerings available through Healthie, that you may want to incorporate into your packages.  

  1. Create an online wellness program
  2. Host a webinar for prospective and existing clients
  3. Connect with clients via Chat using one-on-one and group capabilities 
  4. Offer additional accountability/support services by commenting on food journal & workout logs
  5. E-Share handouts & resources for ongoing client education

Need more support?

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