May 2021: Release Notes

Platform release notes: May 2021. Learn what new changes to the Healthie platform and mobile app that both providers and clients can expect to see. With new releases each week, make the most of Healthie's new features by bookmarking this help article and checking back frequently! 

May Releases:

Care Plans Settings Page

Healthie's Care Plans feature enables providers and organizations to apply common protocols and methods of care to clients, while still facilitating the customization/personalization that may happen on a per-client basis. Within a Care Plan, you can add wellness recommendations, upload documents for clients to access, automatically set goals, and more. 

A page has been added to the "Settings" section, dedicated to Care Plans. On this page, providers are able to see a list of all active and inactive Care Plans that you've created, with quick-actions you can take. Learn more here

To access the Care Plans settings page: 

Gear icon (top-right) > Settings > Care Plans

Forthcoming updates include:

  • A tab for Care Plan Templates within the Settings page 
  • Ability to turn on/off Care Plans for your account 
  • Ability to apply a Care Plan to a client group  

Mobile Release 5.4.21

A new release on mobile has gone live for improve capability and experience on the mobile app, including: 

New Organizational Settings

Admins of an organization can set permissions for each team member. These member settings can be accessed by navigating to > Organization > Members > Click Settings next to a team member 

To expand on these capabilities, we've added a new setting: 

  • Member "Can edit document folders uploaded by all members of the organization" > Check the box next to this setting to enable

Sharing Links for Specific Appointment(s) 

Healthie makes it easy to share your calendar or embed it directly on your website for easy online appointment booking. However, there may be instances where you only want to share the link to a specific appointment. 

We've now made it easy to get a sharing or embed link for any appointment-type that you offer. 

To get your appointment booking link navigate to Calendar > More > Share & Embed

From here, you'll be able to select which provider(s) you'd like associated with the appointment booking link, and which appointment(s) to include. Select "Add to Website" for an embed code or "Sharing Link" for a shareable URL link. Learn more here

Make a Package Visible to Specific Group(s)

Within Healthie, you can control whether clients can view (and purchase) the packages you've created. A new update to the packages feature allows you to have even more granular control of your package visibility. You can now indicate which specific client groups you'd like to give visibility permissions to. 

This powerful feature allows you to decide which service offerings your clients can see -- helping to connect each group with the most appropriate offerings. Review "Package Information" details, including visibility settings here

Nutrient Tracking (Early Release)

Healthie Nutrient Tracking is an (optional) setting that you can enable within Healthie Journaling that will enable your clients to log nutrient data leveraging the USDA Food Database. You as a healthcare professional will be able to view this data within your Client's Portal. Review your client's food logs, and provide feedback directly on each entry, for real-time client engagement.

This new journaling capability is in an early stage release. This means that a portion of the feature has gone live, with several quick-releases to follow in the upcoming weeks. Collectively, these releases will reveal a comprehensive nutrient analysis tool that will facilitate client care. 

Read more about nutrient tracking, what’s gone live, and forthcoming updates here

 New Reporting Display (Ongoing) 

A web release has gone live that includes separate sections of the “Reports” page that will display graphs with filters and export options directly within the product. 

This first part of the update reveal the new structure of the page. You'll notice a side-bar menu now the lists all of the reports, with the ability to click into each individual reporting page. 

This will be followed by several subsequent releases, incorporating new display charts & graphs on the individual charting page. The visual reporting tools are designed to help providers and organizations understand important business & client metrics directly within your Healthie account. Providers will still have the option to download the report as a .csv file.

Here's an example of what you can expect from the new charting experience (ie. forthcoming Payments Report)   

The first visual reporting data that is expected to go live corresponds to the Appointments report. We will update our Release Notes as each release goes live. 

Gender Identity Field Added to Form Builder

Addition of a " Gender Identity" field in Healthie's Form Builder "Question Bank." Provider's can drag & drop this smart field onto any form within Healthie. Once the form is completed, the information will automatically populate within a client's profile. 

You can find this field by navigating to Forms > Form Builder > Select "Client Info" from the Question Bank drop-down > Gender Identity 

A great use case is to drag the Gender Identity field onto your Healthie Smart Form, or the custom intake form that you utilize.

Additional Updates

Past and Planned Updates

View all updates from last month here

See planned product updates on our Product Roadmap

Have a feature request for our team? You can share your requests by emailing us at or by adding/voting for your requests on Feature Upvote.

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