June 2021: Release Notes

Platform release notes: June 2021. Learn what new changes to the Healthie platform and mobile app that both providers and clients can expect to see. With new releases each week, make the most of Healthie's new features by bookmarking this help article and checking back frequently! 

June Releases:

Nutrient Tracking (Ongoing Releases)

Healthie Nutrient Tracking is an (optional) setting that you can enable within Healthie Journaling that will enable your clients to log nutrient data leveraging the USDA Food Database. You as a healthcare professional will be able to view this data within your Client's Portal. Review your client's food logs, and provide feedback directly on each entry, for real-time client engagement.

This new journaling capability is in an early stage release. This means that a portion of the feature has gone live, with several quick-releases to follow in the upcoming weeks. Collectively, these releases will reveal a comprehensive nutrient analysis tool that will facilitate client care. 

Releases that have gone live in June include: 

  • Ongoing improvements to database search & inclusion of household measurements (ie. 1 slice of bread) 
  • Ability for providers to view a complete Nutrition Summary of a client's logged intake for a day 
  • Addition of Cholesterol, Vitamins A, C &D, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Sodium in the Nutritional Summary for providers to review
  • Easily ability for clients to adjust the serving size of a meal during the logging process
  • Ability for clients to log a partial serving (ie. 0.5) 
  • Ability for clients and providers to see valuable nutrient-tracking related data in the METRICS section of Healthie. This includes line & bar graphs showing totally calorie consumption daily, as well as breaking down macronutrients (carbs, protein, fat) 
  • Ability for clients to log food entries from the Healthie mobile app & for providers to view/engage with these entries on mobile

Quickly walk through the client logging experience from mobile here: 

Ability For Others to Pay a Client Invoice

Healthie's Invoicing Feature allows providers to send invoices to clients for specific one-time payment instances, outside of Client Packages. While typically a client will pay their own invoice, there may be instances where you'd like to send the invoice to someone besides the client. 

Use cases include: 

  • A parent/guardian pay an invoice for a minor 
  • Another family member or patient pay the invoice 
  • An employer is covering the expense for an employee (ie. corporate wellness services) 
  • Invoicing an organization/company as opposed to an individual  

Healthie enables providers to create, send, and receive payments from outside contacts, for a comprehensive payment management system. Keeping all payment transactions documented within Healthie, allows for accurate financial reporting & oversight. 

Learn how to create an invoice for a non-client here

View Appointments by Location (Organization Feature) 

By default, Healthie's Organization Calendar displays all appointments for the day, across providers. 

Organization members are now able to toggle between viewing the calendar/appointments by provider, or by locations. When switching to location view, the columns of the calendar will adjust to reflect the site location(s).  

Search Option in Charting

Charting just got a powerful upgrade. Quickly find content from a past created chart note or form with a charting Search function.

  • View Chart Notes > Search > Start typing your keyword/phrase 
  • Any results related to your search will display > with the option to client into the chart note/form to see the relative content

Screen Covering During Screen Sharing

When sharing your screen during a Healthie video call, it's essential that clients do not see any private information within your providers account, such as chart notes. To help you keep your information private, we've added a "covering" screen on your Healthie account. This cover screen will add a layer to cover your account/chart notes. 

If you prefer, you can dismiss the screen cover. 

Require Clients to Book An Appointment During Package Purchase 

Have a client package that includes appointments? You can now require clients to book an appointment as part of the purchase process. This will ensure that not only will the client successfully pay for their package, but already put their first appointment on the schedule. Learn more here

More Clarification on Failed Payments

Healthie has user notifications, a failed payment list, and built-in alerts in the platform to help you manage failed payments from clients, and collect these in a timely and organized way. 

To view all failed payments:  Billing > Payments > Click the "Failed" payment button to filter your payments

  • There is now a STATUS column on the left-hand side, with an indication of whether that payment was successful or failed 
  • Hovering over the "Failed Payment" icon, will display more details on why the payment failed 

Learn more about managing failed client payments here

Improved Management of Organization Members 

Healthie's multi-provider capabilities enable group practices and organizations to share resources, collaborate across clients, and maintain custom permissions surrounding core business needs to streamline operations, promote cross-collaboration, and offer coordinated care to clients. 

With our latest release, it's now easier to manage your team members from the "Organization" page of your account: 

  • Sort your members by first name, last name, type of member (provider or support), and status (active or inactive)
  • Drag & drop a team member to change their position in the listing
  • Improved navigation of a team member's records (see any clients, chats, documents, program, packages, and more affiliated with their account) 

Access the "Members" tab by: 

  • Clicking the "Organization" icon in the left-hand menu > Select the Members tab from the top menu 
  • Or Settings (Gear Icon > Settings) > Scroll down to Members 

Improved Documentation for Client Insurance Details

This month, a series of updates have gone live to help insurance-based providers document client insurance & benefits information. 

1) Benefits Breakdown in Client Profile 

Within the newly added eligibility section of your client's profile, you can now add details regarding your client's benefits. You can add multiple sets of information, for Preventive and/or Medical benefits. 

When verifying client benefits, you can conveniently document the following information: 

  • Indicate if your client has telehealth coverage 
  • Copy amount ($) 
  • Coinsurance amount (%) 
  • Deductible for the calendar year ($) 
  • Deductible used year-to-date ($) 

Learn more on documenting your client's insurance details here

2) “Type” field is now available for each insurance policy 

Add multiple insurance plans to your client's account, and indicate the plan(s) as Primary, Secondary, or Inactive.  There can only be one Primary policy per client, and Primary policies are prioritized over Secondary policies. Learn more about manually updating your client's insurance details

The primary (and any secondary) insurance details that are provided will then show on your client's overview page, within their Insurance section. You'll be able to add benefits details (including tracking the number of available sessions) & notes related to each policy. 

3) Document a Call Reference Number 

When you call insurance to verify a client's benefits, you can ask for a Call Reference Number. Keep this number recorded by adding it to your client insurance details within Healthie. 

Navigate to your client's profile to the "Insurance section" > Click "Edit Eligibility > Locate the "Reference Number" section. Here you can add the specific reference number, the date & time, and any relevant notes. At this time, you can only add ONE call reference for each client plan. A forthcoming update will allow you to document unlimited call reference numbers. 

Reporting Dashboards

Reporting Dashboards take aggregate data from your reports, and create a visual report. This allows you to gain insights into your business at a glance. 

The first Reporting Dashboard to go live is the Appointments Report Dashboard. There are planned updates to release Reporting Dashboards for all Healthie reports, and we'll update this article as the releases go live.

New Appointment Type Settings

Two new settings have been added to appointment types, designed to give providers even more control over their scheduling & booking. 

  • Clients Can Book This Appointment: Indicates whether clients are able to book an appointment type with you, or whether you will need to book these on behalf of your clients. Please note that if Clients can book is not enabled for any appointment types, your embedded calendar will not show any availability. Now you can further select which clients can see (and book) a specific appointment: 
    • All clients can book 
    • Only specific clients can book > select the client and/or client groups that can see (and book) this appointment types.  
  • Requires Provider: this setting prevents a client from booking the appointment type unless a specific provider has availability 

Additional Updates

  • Minor bug fixes
  • When creating a CMS 1500 > "Place of Service" > selecting "Home", the client's address will now pre-fill into the CMS 1500 claim form 
  • integration with Withings enables clients to regularly pull in weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep, for you as a provider to view within their Healthie accounts. 
  • Improvements to the booking flow for existing clients, to remove an unnecessary information collection step.
  • Improvements to the booking flow for clients after selecting the "contact type" option for the session. The page will now automatically scroll down to the “Confirm Appointment Type” button. 
  • Separate reminder can be set for each client goal
  • Ability for providers to choose from their "Favorite" goals when creating a client goal from the Healthie mobile app 
  • More clarity when an image hasn’t loaded due to poor internet connection
  • Ability to attach multiple documents to a fax 
  • Water intake tracking is now available. Enable this journaling setting for clients (Note: water intake logging is only available from the web browser. Water tracking will be available for clients on the mobile app in Q3) 
  • Stool (Poop) tracking is now available. Enable this journaling setting for clients (Note: stool logging is only available from the web browser. Stool tracking will be available for clients on the mobile app in Q3) 

Past and Planned Updates

View all updates from last month here

See planned product updates on our Product Roadmap

Have a feature request for our team? You can share your requests by emailing us at hello@gethealthie.com or by adding/voting for your requests on Feature Upvote.

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