Lactation Consultants: Healthie Set Up Checklist

Healthie is used by Lactation Consultants who seek to: 

  • Build long-term relationships with their clients, incorporating broader principles of ongoing, supportive, and accountable care into the work that our lactation consultants provide
  • Leverage technology to communicate with clients remotely by messaging, scheduling, lifestyle logging, and requesting invoices 
  • Have a true "all in one" practice management and client engagement portal which includes webinars, free or paid courses, telehealth visits, documents, custom emails and so much more
  • Store records in a HIPAA-compliant platform

10 ways to configure Healthie as a Lactation Consultant:

1. Customize your Calendar

  1. Set appointment types to indicate the sessions/services that you offer (e.g., Initial Consultation, Prenatal visit, Group Couple Session, available in-person and virtual) enable/disable a client/patient to book this session, and indicate whether it's an individual/group session. Learn more
  2. Establish appointment settings to add locations, text/e-mail appointment confirmations and reminders, a color scheme for your calendar, add a buffer in between appointments, etc. Learn more
  3. Set up your default availability to enable clients/patients to book (or request to book) sessions with you (which can be shown on your website). Learn more
  4. Sync Healthie with iCal, Google, and Outlook Calendars to pull/push events from other calendars that you use. Learn more

2. Customize E-mail Templates

Your practice and clients are unique, which is why we want your workflow to reflect your business from your very first interaction with your clients. You can customize various emails such as Appointment Confirmation, Appointment Reminder emails, and more. Learn more

3. Set up your Intake Forms and Charting Templates

Healthie allows you to build intake forms and charting templates that help you gather the information necessary to treat clients. Your clients are able to electronically complete and e-sign your forms, and you are able to chart on clients within Healthie.

Healthie's platform contains a library of lactation consultant-specific intake and charting forms that you can leverage. You are able to use these forms "as is" or pull specific questions from these question banks to create your own forms.

If you would like to have our team assist with building out your business's forms, please email us:  

4. Share Educational Resources with Clients

The Documents feature within Healthie enables you to store educational resources including PowerPoint slides, images, and exercise videos to share with your clients. 

Documents replace the need to keep a local folder of sharable materials on your computer and acts as a built-in Google Drive / Dropbox 

The Programs feature within Healthie enables you to create educational courses that automatically distribute pre-loaded content to clients over a cadence of time. Content may include videos, quizzes, handouts, and surveys. 

5. Prepare Invoices and Superbills

Invoicing allows you to send invoices to clients for specific one-time payment instances, outside of Client Packages. Request payment from a client in a professional and branded way.

The Superbill feature allows you to provide your clients a specialized receipt outlining the services you have provided your Client. Clients can submit these to their insurance companies to (potentially) get reimbursed for services rendered; we've alternatively seen some providers submit Superbills on behalf of their clients.

6. Track Client Workouts & Metrics

Healthie enables you to customize what you'd like clients to track, including workouts, metrics, selfies (any photos you would like your clients to share), water intake,  nutrition, and symptom logging. You are able to view client records in real-time for ongoing, virtual accountability and support.

Healthie also syncs with wearables and devices like Fitbit and Apple Health for a comprehensive outlook on your client's wellbeing. 

*The ability to track bowl movement is coming out soon*

7. Telehealth, In-Person, and Phone Sessions

Healthie's HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution enables you to conduct both one-on-one and group virtual sessions. 

This can be useful for:

  • Hosting video call sessions
  • Conducting webinars
  • Hosting classes
  • Recording meetings (via Zoom)
  • Conducting meetings with multiple clients/providers

8. Set up Growth / Weight Charts

Healthie makes it easier for you to work with  Families and Pediatrics. Healthie has the CDC (2-20 years) & WHO (0 - 2 years) pediatric growth charts that you can use within Metrics. This enables you to visually track height and weight growth percentiles over time. 

9. Connect Healthie with your website to share packages and appointments 

Healthie's built-in packages system enables you to bill for one-time and recurring services, programs, products, and other offerings that you provide. 

You are able to fully customize the services offered, including the frequency (and amount) of payments. Additionally, you are able to apply promotional codes and track utilization of these codes for marketing and business purposes, as well as customize which packages are visible to your client, versus those you may use internally. Healthie links with your bank account for you to collect payment from clients directly. 

10. Chat

Healthie's chat feature enables you to securely message and communicate with your clients, from within the web platform, and through mobile apps.

 With Healthie's chat feature, you can message your clients one-on-one, create group chats, send message blasts, schedule messages, set auto-responders, etc

This is a powerful way to stay engaged with clients in between sessions, as well as securely discuss health information. Many providers also use the Chat platform to discuss appointment logistics, as it is often faster than e-mail and/or phone conversations back and forth. 

If you have any feedback on Healthie as a lactation consultant to email us at and we will continue making updates to support our growing lactation consultant community!

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