Using Healthie in a Clinic or Outpatient Setting

Healthie enables health and wellness clinics to deliver on-site & virtual counseling to clients, expand scope of services offered, and track healthcare outcomes. Healthie reduces the administrative time of wellness professionals by over 40%, and enables real-time communication within an organization and with clients. Healthie can be used as a standalone EHR, or in conjunction with an existing practice management platform, as an added client engagement suite. 


Streamline Back-Office Operations

Not only does Healthie offer patient engagement and telehealth capabilities, but it can support all of your clinic’s back office operations. 

  1. Intake Forms: Healthie's intake form system makes it easy to automatically and electronically collect health information, e-signatures, payment details (credit cards and insurance), and other forms needed for care. You are able to build your own forms, upload existing forms that you already use in your business, and leverage our internal library and specialty forms to customize the forms & fields you'd like clients to complete as they work with you. Forms are completed electronically by clients, and shared automatically when you add them to an Intake Flow or schedule them to send post-session. You can receive notifications along the way as clients complete your forms, and you are also able to send reminders to clients
  2. EHR & Charting: One of the core features of Healthie is a HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR). Healthie's charting system allows providers to take notes on clients during or after a session, build customizable templates, and share chart notes with other providers via HIPAA-compliant Efax. As a cloud-based EHR, you are able to log into your Healthie provider account from anywhere to access your records, without putting your client's private health information at risk. 
  3. Scheduling: Healthie's calendar is designed specifically to meet the needs, nuances, and special considerations for a health and wellness business. This overview walks through the fundamentals of setting up your calendar and taking advantage of over 35 custom settings you can enable/disable to meet your business's specific needs.
  4. Insurance Billing: Healthie's CMS 1500 platform makes it easy for you to create CMS 1500 claims and submit them (electronically or physically) to an insurance company for reimbursement for services. You can use this feature if you are credentialed with an insurance company and considered to be in-network. In this instance, after a session with a client, you can prepare this standardized form, and then submit this for possible reimbursement. Healthie's CMS 1500 feature contains safeguards as you fill out the form, to help ensure that you have completed all required fields. It is important to double-check that you have completed fields correctly prior to submission to an insurance company, in order to minimize the likelihood that a claim is denied. 
  5. Out-of-pocket Payments: Healthie's built-in payment processing system enables you to bill for one-time and recurring needs, that can span services, programs, products, and other offerings that you provide. You are able to apply promotional codes and track the utilization of these codes for marketing and business purposes. You can fully customize the Packages and Services offered, including the frequency of recurring payments. Moreover, you have the ability to charge a client directly for a one-time payment or Client Package, Request a payment, and Create and send invoices for clients to fulfill. Healthie directly links with your bank account for you to receive payments from clients electronically through the platform. 

Offer Virtual Counseling

For patients to make positive progress towards their goals, it’s crucial that they have consistent appointments with their provider. With telehealth, it is more likely that patients will show up to their appointments, making it easier for you to build a rapport, work through any struggles since the last appointment, and make a plan for moving forward.  Patients will feel more connected to and supported by their provider with consistent appointments, and providing functional medicine through telehealth is the perfect strategy for doing so. 

To take your patient engagement strategy to the next level, offer telehealth appointments through Healthie. Healthie's HIPAA-compliant video call (telehealth) solution enables you to conduct both one-on-one and group virtual sessions. With Video Call, you can host video call sessions, conduct webinars and classes, record sessions, and hold meetings with multiple participants. 

Some ways to leverage telehealth in your clinic:

  1. One-on-one appointments: Virtual 1:1 appointments can be held in place of in-person appointments with individual clients. Telehealth allows practitioners to focus on one patient at a time, for a designated amount of time.  Providers can seamlessly transition from patient to patient and dedicate all of their attention to the individual and their intervention, which can support improved patient health outcomes. 
  2. Group support sessions: Support from a provider is a powerful motivator for patients; but, when patients can receive support from people in a similar position, they are increasingly likely to improve health outcomes and make positive progress. Offering virtual group sessions can provide this additional layer of support for your patients. You can include support sessions in packages, or offer it as an add-on service for patients who may be looking for a little extra motivation. It may be beneficial to group patients by certain demographics; i.e. adolescent patients, diabetes patients, breastfeeding mothers and babies, etc. 
  3. Educational webinars: Webinars are another great add-on service that can help you generate additional income for your clinic while still supporting patient health outcomes. You can offer webinars on a variety of topics, like meal planning, incorporating exercise into a daily routine, how to use the Healthie app, and more. Patients have an opportunity to learn about additional topics related to their health and get extra support through these webinars. 

Engage with Patients Between Appointments

Patient engagement means the ability to deliver care when patients most need it: in real-time. With Healthie’s comprehensive patient engagement suite, healthcare providers are able to work with patients in real-time by providing video calls and message support, monitoring patient progress through wearable fitness trackers, and delivering patient education electronically. 

  1. HIPAA-Compliant Chat: Healthie's chat feature enables you to securely message and communicate with your clients, from within the web platform, and through the mobile apps. With Healthie's chat feature, you can message your clients one-on-one, create group chats, send message blasts, and even message other wellness providers in your organization. Read more about how to set up Healthie chat here
  2. Journal Logging: Healthie's Journaling feature enables clients to log key nutrition and lifestyle information into their platform. As a provider, you are able to customize this experience for your clients, as well as view, comment, and react to client entries as part of providing longitudinal engagement with your clients to augment care. Available journal entries include:
    1. Photo food journaling: Clients can take pictures of meals, indicate hungriness and healthiness, special settings for eating disorders, write comments, write a description, and a reflection. 
    2. Nutrient tracking: Clients can log meals via Healthie's integration with the USDA food database. Read more about nutrient tracking
    3. Notes: Clients can share a written journal entry, symptom, progress update, thoughts or more. 
    4. Selfies: Clients can take pictures of themselves and watch progress unfold over time. 
    5. Activity: Clients can log their workouts or activity, including type of activity and intensity.
    6. Symptoms: Clients can log bodily symptoms, such as headache, GI distress, rash, etc. 
    7. Water: Clients can log their daily water intake. Providers can set a target water goal, and review logged water intake entries. 
    8. Stool (Poop): Clients can log their stools, by describing the shape/color and leave custom comments.
  3. 3. Goal Setting: With Healthie's Goal Setting Feature, wellness providers and clients can: 

    1. Create daily, weekly and one-time goals (and subgoals) for clients
    2. Visit a client's chart to see all current, and past, goals 
    3. Monitor a client's success by seeing goal completion rates for each day, and each goal
    4. From their client portal, clients can check off completed goals or subgoals
    5. Clients can receive in-app or email reminders to complete goals, and wellness providers can adjust the frequency of these notifications
    6. Be motivated towards consistently achieving goal completion streaks   

    4. Care Plans: Healthie's Care Plans feature enables providers and organizations to apply common protocols and methods of care to clients, while still facilitating the customization/personalization that may happen on a per-client basis. Within a Care Plan, you can add wellness recommendations, upload documents for clients to access, automatically set goals, and more. 

    5. Documents: The Documents feature within Healthie enables providers to store and share educational resources, recipes, meal plans, and industry handouts. Healthie Documents replace the need for you to keep a local folder on a computer, and can act as a "Google Drive" or "Dropbox" for you, as you build the repository of materials needed in your business. For group practices and organizations, documents become a powerful tool for cross-collaboration, as providers can share resources with each other to save time and streamline operations. You can import documents from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, and even take a picture from your phone on the Healthie Mobile app and store these in your Documents platform. 

Add New Revenue Streams

Offering subscription services within your wellness business is a strategic way to generate extra income for services you already provide, simply by bundling them together into a recurring package or program. Subscription services work well for both insurance-based and self-pay clients alike, so no matter the structure of your business, you can leverage them to add new clients and increase revenue. 

Within Healthie, you can build packages and programs that reoccur during a specified duration of time, as well as bill clients periodically. In this article, we will walk you through how to leverage Healthie features to create a subscription service strategy for your wellness business.

  1. Recurring packages: Recurring packages allow your clients to commit to your health, and secure income from that client for a known period of time. You can create a package with a set number of appointments that a client can use per month, and their appointment credits restart every month.
  2. Meal plan subscriptions: Meal plan subscriptions are an in-demand service for wellness clients; by offering them within your wellness business, you are likely to attract clients and generate a significant amount of passive income. Once created, a meal plan subscription service for clients requires little upkeep, as you can make small adjustments to the meal plan each week based on your client’s needs. Or, you can create templates ahead of time to use based on each client’s health and dietary goals.
  3. Accountability Booster: Accountability booster services are a great way to generate income for services you’re likely already providing for your clients but not getting paid for your time. Many providers charge a monthly subscription fee to clients for services such as responding to chat messages or emails, commenting on journal entries, sending goal reminders, and other between appointment check-ins, in addition to the price of each appointment. Clients can receive an extra layer of support from you no matter where they are in their journey; but, subscription services can be especially beneficial for clients who have “graduated” from working with you directly, but would like some support as they transition to working on their health solo.  
  4. Online programs: Rolling start online programs can help you generate passive income for your practice while supporting your clients’ health. You can easily build an educational program on specific topics, such as how to prepare meals, a new exercise program, the basics of how to manage a certain health condition, etc. Clients can purchase the program and work at their own pace through the modules, surveys, and activities.  Programs can last for multiple months, with associated recurring payments. Healthie’s Program feature allows providers to curate short term programs, or challenges, that work for their client base. This tool is highly customizable to meet your particular workflow needs and can be used for delivering content, distributing emails and videos, and overall, building long-term relationships with your clients. Importantly, the programs feature within Healthie enables your clients to access materia ls within their client portal, and also discover and enroll in programs that may be a fit for their health and wellness needs:  
    1. Create programs with a fixed start and end date for programs that you’d like to run for a certain time period or can have open enrollment for signature programs.
    2. Create all of the materials for your health challenge in advance and schedule out the timely release of emails, videos and documents to keep your patients on track. 
    3. Engage with program members through secure online chat or group chats
    4. Run a program alongside food & lifestyle tracking 
    5. Schedule pre- and post- program electronic surveys to collect program data & demonstrate improved health outcomes 

Read our best practices for offering subscription services in your practice here. 

Track Outcomes and Metrics on a Per-Patient and Aggregate Basis

Tracking several different metrics, tailored to the individual, offers a way to measure overall progress in time and can drive patient results. Using a more relevant and data-driven approach will help patients feel confident in their progress, and propel them to continue working on their goals. With improved patient retention, your patients (and practice) will see overall improved results over time. 

With Healthie’s Metric feature, providers can monitor and graph metrics like weight, height, BMI, or body fat percentages as well as create custom metrics to track for each client. Also, Healthie Metrics can be viewed and tracked from both desktop and mobile devices, for convenient logging. Healthie's metrics platform syncs with devices and platforms like Fitbit, Apple Health, GoogleFit, and iHealth scales to automatically pull in client information for your review. 

In addition to being beneficial to patient health outcomes, analyzing patient metrics can be important in measuring business KPIs. Healthie can generate patient metrics into individual or aggregate reports, so that practitioners can demonstrate to patient coordinators and other stakeholders the success of their interventions. 

The Healthie Reports feature is designed to keep you informed about all clients, appointments, and financial activity. All reports within the Healthie platform can be run for a single provider, or an entire organization, depending on your preference. Many of our reports can be generated for a specific date range, and are designed to give you an overview into your business, clients, and financial health. 

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