Benefits of Telehealth in your business

Introduction to Telehealth

Telehealth is a general term used to describe the application of telecommunications and technology to healthcare. Telehealth encompasses any digital communication between a client and practitioner, and most commonly means providing client care virtually or remotely, as opposed to face-to-face in person.

Virtual counseling is becoming increasingly popular amongst nutrition and wellness professionals because it’s an effective and flexible means to provide care to clients.

Benefits of providing telehealth services: 

  • Flexibility And Convenience: work from home or wherever you’d like, and save your clients the time of traveling to / from appointments
  • Save Time And Money: reduce the need for an office, cut down on travel time between office and home, and lessen rent expenses
  • Build A Closer Relationship With Clients: the beauty of technology is that it makes it easier to connect with clients. In addition to videoconferencing sessions, message with patients, share documents, and more, to build longer-term, effective relationships.

Healthie's HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform allows providers to easily connect with their clients online. Healthie offers both individual and group options for virtual consultations. 

New to telehealth? Here are steps to take when thinking about incorporating telehealth into your practice. Check out our getting started guide.

Curious about what you need to open the doors to your virtual practice? Check out our Telehealth FAQ that covers everything you need to know before opening your doors.

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